Hair loss


Started chemo yesterday (FEC) and was just wondering how quickly have people lost their hair? I am having the cold cap and i know everyone is different but i keep thinking it’s just all going to fall out overnight.

thanks x


I didnt use the cold cap. My hair fell out 16 days after the first chemotherapy, I had 4 epi/4 cmf chemo. It started to grow back by the end of the 4th chemo and continued to grow during the cmf chemo. It came back very well. I have kept it short and 3 years down the line it is in nice condition.

I wish you well with your treatment

Love and best wishes

Carolyn x

I think that it is like everything else … different for all of us. I had 3 FEC and 3 Tax. I started losing my hair about 18 days after the first FEC, and although I have lost some every cycle, I have never lost it all. I still have a few eyebrows and eyelashes too.


Used paxman cc and still lost about 80% on day 20 first cycle fec, still using cc done 2 fec and one tax so far, hair still coming out. Everyone is very different and it’s diificult to predict the volume or rate of loss, I hope the cc works for you! X

Hi there,
I started loosing my hair on day 18 of my first FEC, have had my secound and still falling out daily, i had it shave off a couple of weeks ago, just wear nice scarfs,(never thought i would say, nice scarfs) ha ha. I felt better having it shaved off, as i was getting sick of finding it everywhere, it still falls out, but i just change my pillow case each morning as thats about the only time i notice its still falling out. Having it shaved short was the best thing i have done, i never thought i would be saying it, but honestly, it’s such a relief. i am due my 3rd FEC next week, i still have my eyebrows and lashes, but who knows how long for!

i decided against cold cap, just a personal choice really, each to there own, really couldnt be bothered with the hastle.

Hope all goes well for you, just take each day as it comes, you never know you may not have any problems with your hair, but i found, that at least if you know what to expect in advance, things may not be such a shock if they do happen.

Sandrae x x x

I used the cold cap and kept most of my hair - hope you will be as lucky. I never needed the expensive wig that is sitting in a drawer like a depressed hamster. My hair did thin a bit - but most of that was from one session where they got the timing wrong and the cap wasn’t cold enough. I lost more on Tax than FEC. Good luck x

I used the cold cap too & had 6 FEC. Hair came out big time about day 18 after 1st treatment, a shock even when you’re half expecting it. It continued to come out but slowed down & was mostly lost from the back margins perhaps where the cap doesn’t fit so tightly. I bought a wide toothed comb & didn’t wash it for 3 days after treatment & then only with a simple, no scent shampoo from Philip Kingsley.

It’s already growing back strongly in all directions & looked good enough for a lady next to me at rads to think I was wearing my wig.
Good luck

Hi, I had 6 x FEC and my hair came out on day 11 of the first cycle. I was devastated as was my husband, we both just sat and cried when he shaved off the last little bits. It stared to come back around FEC 5.
I didnt have the cold cap as it sounded horrendous and made the stay in hospital longer.
Its about 10 weeks now since my last chemo and i have a nice little growth of hair, but whats really weird is that people keep telling me how nice really short hair suits me, and I have to say I really like it too, so am now in a dilema as what to do, let it grow or leave it really short.
Love Jane

Hi DarcyB I am using the cold cap too, there does not seem to be many of us about. I have had three doses of Epirubicin Chemo.
And while my hair has thinned a lot you would not know I was having any kind of treatment.

My hair started falling out, just a wee bit, about 18 days after the treatment I felt tingling and a bit of pain. I found it quite hard to see it falling out but mostly cause thee ends were so grey!!

I have found not being ablee to dye it very hard and I am actually going to get it dyed on Thurs there is a hairdresser in Edin who specialises in treating chemo who is going to do it. However she has never done anyone cold capping so keep your finger crossed for me.

I hope you are not finding your treatment too gruelling and that you keep well. Pam xx

Thank you for all your comments it really is helpful hearing everyones stories and as i keep explaining to everyone even though we all have bc we don’t all have the same treatments/reactions/se. I go back on the 28th june for the second out of six treatments still not knowing if i am going to do the cold cap, my first treatment was so horrible anything which reminds me of it pisses me off…the weight of the bloody cc,the smell of the conditioner i used,the time you have to sit there whinge whinge whinge!!!

But I am grateful for everyday i get up without feeling sick,i can go out the house and i can eat food and that i am one of the lucky ones x

Darcy I know what you mean - I hit a wall with my fourth chemo, and vomited just from anxiety about the cc mainly - but then the last two were OK.

Hi darcy
just picked up your post - I am on FEC ( 3rd this week)
I really wanted the c.c but it was not available in my hospital so was not an option. I was so wanting to lose my hair but when it did ( just before 2nd treatment) it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Had got me wig , which so far has not been itcy or hot even though I wear it for a 6 hour stretch when at work. At home wear a beanie or nothing now its got hot.Early days but suprised at how I’ve adjusted to this side of things. Good luck with yours…


whoops - that should have said did not want to lose me hair
Chemo head or heatstroke!!


Had second FEC last week, and still have a fair amount of hair, but a massive bald patch on top. Having said that, I can get away easily with buffs/ scarves as I still have full fringe and back of head hair. I’m guessing mine could still all go this cycle, but cold cap’s definitely kept my hair for me for a few weeks longer than not using it would have.

I have used the CC throughout (6xFEC) and I’m due for my final session tomorrow. I have a bald patch on top but I have kept hair at back and sides and a fringe (though it is very thin now). Around the house I am happy to go without anything and when I go out I wear hats/buffs. I feel keeping the hair was important for me and was prepared to put up with the discomfort and extra time for treatment of CC.

Just felt like updating…

Decided not to have the cc for my third session and felt like it was a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Had mentally prepared myself for the hair to go and here i am coming up to my fourth session and still have hair, even had to have it cut. I do have bald bits at the sides and it is thin on top but i can cover it as long as it’s not too windy!

Will probably wake up tomorrow with it all on my pillow!!!


I used a cc on the first chemo, but my hair began to fall out on top and sides after 18 days and is continuing to fall out. I went and got this super wig sorted as a scarf or beanie didn’t suit me, plus I didn’t want to bring too much attention to what was happening. It’s not that I’m trying to hide or deny the situation I just didn’t want the whole world to know. When I’m at home I don’t wear it and is good to get rid of people wanting to sell you things at the door.

This wig I have has made me feel so naughty, it’s so much better than my own hair, it has auburn lowlights. I’ve had nothing but compliments about how it so suits me. Perhaps I shouldn’t say this but I’m divorced and have even been approached by a gorgeous young man that I know. Lucky me.


Darcy the hair thing was a huge deal to me and rally upset me when it started to fall out Imanaged to keep mine untill FEC x2 and when it started moulting like a labrador i reluctantly shaved it off ,but it felt much better and i already had a great wig same style same colour ready and have just had a turbie towel for a morning and my wig when i get ready ( not bought a scarf at all its not me ) just want to looke normal xx and has been really comfortable and not hot or itchy but i have one with a realistic breathable scalp (monofiliament ) i think its called take care and do what feels right for you xxx didnt do the cold cap cos didnt want any of the little buggers being missed so made sure the chemo went all over xx take care Julie