Hi there, I’m coming to the end of my first treatment of chemotherapy and have noticed that my hair has now started to fall out. I knew that this would happen - but it’s still a bit of a shock. It’s only a few strands at a time, but just wondered if this is how it will be until it’s all fallen out or will it start to come out in handfuls?

Hi Joanne1970,

I expect this is another one where we’re all different… In my case, a few days after chemo 1 I felt like I had a really tight pony tail. Lost some, then, a few days later, it all came out in handfuls. By day 14, I was bald. Finished 7th January, and now have about 1cm of dark hair with a few white ones.

Hi sdfmeg,
Thank you for your reply. My scalp felt rather itchy a few days after 1st treatment - started noticing hair loss yesterday and slightly more today. Not looking forward to it all coming out - I might just shave it all off and get it over with! Lovely to hear that your hair has now started to grow back!

Mine started coming out like yours, Joanne, then it just started coming out in clumps. Infact i cut the bottom off so it was bob length and i just used to wear my wig. I never actually shaved my head, i just let it drop out naturally. I found that my hair was coming out at the roots first. I must admit it wasnt a very pleasant experience but Somehow you do get used to it. I just kept thinking to myself, i may have lost my hair but i have stiil got my life and my hair will grow back.
Good luck with your chemo btw…



and once it starts to fall out it tends to start falling out in clumps straight after, well thats what happened with mine anyway…xx

Thank you Karen - it is very daunting. I think I’m more concerned about how my daughters will react. They know it’s going to happen, but I think it will still be a shock. It is such a good idea to start wearing my wig before it all falls out. It’s not too different to how my hair is at the moment so hopefully nobody will notice! Just need to pluck up the courage!! It is good to be positive and when I feel down and do remind myself that there is light at the end of the tunnel! I’m having my second treatment this coming Monday. That will be two down and four to go!! XX

just popped in from the "spring into chemo in march thread.
hi, mine started to come out on day 17 of cycle one, so then i had it clippered to take control. i still have a bit of stubble left, but it is still shedding, so it hasn’t gone completely YET! Just before it started to come out, my scalp got very tender and my hair had a mind of it’s own. to combat the tenderness i used aloe vera double strength gel from holland and barratt and the relief was immediate. now i use e45 cream to moisturise the scalp in the mornings and the gel in the evening as it’s less greasy on the pillow. i have a wig called linda, but i haven’t yet worn it out. i prefer scarves and hats…there are some great ones out there. i wrap the scarves a la african style and they look quite good… lots of compliments from friends family and strangers too.
all the best on your journey through this horrid treatment, may your cure be complete
angelaG xx

Hi Angela - thank you - yes my scalp is very tender. Thinking of wearing my wig as from tomorrow (not really looking forward to it) but my family think it looks rather good. My hair is coming out thick and fast now. Thank you for the advice of the aloe vera gel etc. Will definitely buy some. Good luck to you too - wish you all the best.
Joanne xxxxx

Hi Joanne
My hair started to have a mind of its own from around dau 8 by yesterday day 17 it was falling out in clumps and I was leaving a trail of hair wherever I went! Today I bit the bullit and rang my hairdresser who came round in her lunchhour to shave off my remaining hair. Mu scalp feel smuch better now that the hair has gone, adn I actually don’t look that bad without my hair :slight_smile:
I must say that my wig feels much more secure now I have no hair and I went for a stroll around the village in it this afternoon and no-one seemed to stare at me. I have a few scarves that I will wear around the house, and maybe I will venture out in them once I have become used to them

Hi Kim, I went out to have a blood test on Friday wearing my wig. Did feel really self conscious even though my family said it look like I had just had my hair restyled. Mine also felt like it was moving because I still had quite a lot of hair. I decided to crop my hair Saturday as I was getting fed up with the mess. Washing it was a nightmare. My scalp too feels much better. Most of my hair has now gone and I do feel much better that this has happened. I think the anticipation of being bald was worse than it actually happening. I only wear my scarves at home - but I think I will wear them out as the wig can be a bit itchy and it’s hard not to adjust it whilst shopping! Good luck with your treatment - hope all goes smoothly for you.

Hi Joanne, my sTory very similar to the other ladies. Fortunetly had been warned by the other ladies on this forum as to what to suspect. Soon as my scalp felt painful I gave it a number four, my husband had to tidy it up and is now a number three. It is falling out all over the place so this evening I’m going to have it all off, and my two daughters are going to help. They are really ok with it aged 12 and 30. And my four year old granddaughter is just delighted with it. It is very liberating and lovely in this weather, I prefer my scarfs and hats to the wig and my wig is really good but can get hot and itchy in this weather. Good luck. Philomena x

I got so hot shopping in Tesco today, I took my hat off and walked around bald and continued to do so when I left the shop. It was so liberating. Now on chemo number 5 and I can feel very short wisps all over my head and it is pure white!! Like most of the others, when it began to fall and become unbearably messy, I asked OH to shave it for me. Already had a number 2 to begin with though.

Poemsgalore xx

Hi…my hair came out about 2 weeks after my first FEC…I was dx in Sep 11 and had my hair cut short in Nov 11…then didn’t start chemo until Jan 12 as I broke my wrist and this had to be dealt with first!!! hair started to fall 2 weeks after my first FEC…then I had my hairdresser come to the house to shave it off…my wig was as near to my original hairstyle as poss and to be honest no one noticed…in fact my daughter’s neighbour complemented me on the colour of my “hair”…now my hair has grown back…I was quite fond of that wig…no more bad hair days…no fighting it in the morning…just shower, pop it on and off I went…no one knew it was a wig until I took it off in july last year…it was too hot and I had a little bit of hair…it was grey.I,m 54 but it was there…my wig…Cilla…is in a box in the bedroom in case I ever need her again…apple

Hi there - thank you for your messages. it’s so good to share experiences. It makes me feel that much better. Have just wispy hair now. Haven’t shown my husband yet, but I think I will this weekend. Just need to shave off the remainder, I think then it will look better. Not sure how my girls will be, so will wait a little longer until they’re ready. My wig is called Shannon, and no-one, other than my closest friends know that I’m wearing a wig - I get really good comments from other mums in the playground (it looks so much better than my own - has more body!). xxx

The other day I was in the hairdressers and a lady there was having her hair cut like a mans I did not like to ask but I thought maybe she is having it done as she knows she will lose her hair it really did look very nice when the hairdresser had finished quite smart so maybe that is an idea for some ladies to consider my cousin who has been through all this has now got lovely long hair as it has all grown back

I’m just about to have cycle 2 and my hair is going rapidly. I cut it progressively shorter - to a bob then short then a number 4 and last night OH shaved it to a number 1 because it was so itchy and dropping everywhere. It’s thin grey stubble now with a few bald bits. I’ve got a wig which looks fine, but it’s a bit hot so I prefer scarves - never thought I would! I don’t know how old your children are, but my daughter 15 and 18 year old son have been very involved in the whole thing. She helped to shave it off and took photos. We had a family wig naming ceremony - it’s called Henrietta -with champagne and a cake. She has helped me choose and buy scarves and everyone has tried on the wig and had their photo taken - keeping it light hearted has helped me and them and I feel fine in the house bald. Kids are usually upset by the unknown, so i decided to just be open about it. They know I won’t embarrass them by being bald in front of their friends!
love Mel x the picture is Henrietta by the way

Hi, my hair started to come out in handfuls about day 14. Each time I ran my fingers through my hair I had the makings of a small hamster in my hand! I went to choose my wig before I lost my hair and as part of the service one of the hairdressers. shaved my head in private and popped my wig on. My wig was the same colour as my own hair and most people don’t know I wear a wig, in fact one BC patient said to me ‘it’s alright for you, you didn’t lose your hair’. Her mouth dropped open when I whipped it off! So you don’t know how many bewigged ladies are out there With you
i finished FEC on 6th Feb and I now have an even coating of 1.5 cm white and grey hair. Going on holiday soon and am going to dye it wit Naturtint and abandoning my wig.
i think that was one of the worst SEs. I felt it was like a big C badge, but I am over all that now. It was a necessary misery to rid my body of BC.
you will start to think that way and your children will get used to it. I was terrified of my grandsons seeing me without hair, and the first time I took my wig off in front of them the little one said ‘Grandma, how did you do that!’ then tried my wig on!
by the way, my wig is in the picture and is called Mary
kay x

Hi, I finished chemo in middle of Feb, I was on EC, I had my hair cut short prior to chemo, it fell out in huge chunks 21 days after. My husband then shaved it off. I always had a wispy bit of hair left, like a baby. Interestingly it started sprouting after my 4th chemo. I wore scarfs during chemo as I really was too ill to go out. After chemo finished I wore my wig as my hair was very short and coming back black and white. (Call me Cruella). Anyway I found the wig too hot so I left the wig at home and just wore my hat when I met a friend for coffee. I took off the hat and found it so liberating. No one looked or stared. The thing that bothered me was the grey, my breast care nurse and onc said it would be fine to colour it, avoiding ammonia so I went to my hairdresser and booked in a colour.
I now feel so much happier about my hair. I work in a school usually, I popped in a few weeks ago and one piped up youve had your hair cut like Jessie J!!! Children are very accepting.
I thought Id share my experiences. Oh I used baby shampoo and have now invested in FAST shampoo recommended on here some where, which is supposed to help to promote strong healthy growth. Also use an oil (Argan I think by tresemme). All in Boots.
Take care,
Buffy xxx

Thank you for your messages - I think I just need to go for it and show everyone my ‘bald head’. My girls are 18, 13 and 6. Both my older girls know I’m bald, but my youngest just thinks that my hair has gone ‘all funny’. She rubbed my head and could feel the lining of the wig ‘err mummy I think you need to wash your hair’. She loves rough and tummble games which I’ve been avoiding in case my wig falls off! I went for my 2nd treatment Monday and saw the same nurse. She actually thought I still had my natural hair. I had only been wearing my wig for 3 days and was convinced it looked like a wig. It made me feel so much better. Even went out in the recent windy weather and it stayed on! Thank you Buffy for the advice of shampoo etc. Will definitely buy some today. xxxxx