Hair loss

Hi ev one just had my second fec and lost slot of hair on my head the first time but shaved it to no 1 as couldn’t cope with it all as was quite long! It hasn’t all
Come out but is patchy I’m just wondering if my hair will all
Come out or not I know everyone is different lol just trying to be in control again as I am a freak !!! Pmsl x

Hi Jane,


I was surprised at my hair. Like you I shaved, I shaved on day 16 - looked ok too!  But every since then I have regrowth between treatments -( I did have very bad patches on week 5, but it all evened out).  I have had delays each cycle, so maybe that’s why, I had my last FEC three weeks ago (start taxotere tomorrow) and I have about 0.5cm to 1cm hairs all over my head, thin of course - not the quantity I would normally have, but regrowth all the same.  Bit embarassing to admit, but I have still had to pluck a chin hair or two - i.m only flipping 43!  Also had to shave my legs this week.


I went to a Look Good, Feel better about two months ago and I was surprised at the variety of heads on show, there was couple smooth ‘egg heads’. a few ‘peach fuzz’, a few patchy ‘moth eaten rug’  - so the message is everybody is different.  Mine didn’t go patchy, but I’m sure it will grow back patchy.  


I’m sure that yours will level out soon enough and sincerely hope it will - I totally understand the being in controll thing, and I am sure you ARE NOT a freak - because if you are WE ALL ARE - and I for one can assure you that I am not!




Big hugs


love Su XX

Hi :smileyvery-happy: I started chemo in January and my hair started to thin and fall out after about a month. By the second week of February I shaved it off! I’m now 13 weeks in and madly enough its started to grow back…admittedly its very wispy and fine but its definitely growing! Everyone is different. A friend lost all her hair and was completely bald on her head and body, I still have to shave my legs once every two weeks!

Good luck with everything!

Hi all, I am not starting a new thread as my questions all about hair loss! I had my 2nd FEC today, am to have 6, and my hair has fallen out mostly from about day 15. But I still have some left and it seems to be staying! Maybe it will all go, as it is said with this type of chemo, everyone loses all head hair. I have a wig and have got a few scarfs, but I had heard that if you shaved off any not coming, it will be uncomfortable to wear a wig as stubble grows back and is prickly?!
But then my nurse today advised me to shave the bits that don’t come and if I didn’t, it would grow back patchy in the future! Confused now, don’t know what to do for the best! Any advice appreciated,!
Thank you ! ??