Hair Loss

Hi all

I’ve had two sessions of FEC and due to go for my third next Wednesday. Just wondered if anyone else had had the same hair loss effects as me, I’ve just about lost all the hair on my head but ALL my other hair is still there/still growing - wish it had been the other way round!!

Wendy x

Hi Wendy

Yes indeed I recognise that. I lost most of my head hair between first and second FEC. The rest (legs, underarm, pubic and facial) went about three weeks later. I could have wished it the other way round too! And guess what? It damn well comes back in the wrong order too! I have all the hair I don’t want but still can’t feel comfy going out without a head cover. But it is coming on my head and it is a true joy when it does. Think I am about 6 weeks away from being able to go out in it. Just so you know I had three FEC and three taxotere, finishing at the end of October last year. I read a lot on here and reckoned the head hair would be about 6 months returning decently. But have been shaving my legs again for what feels like months! Chemo has a wicked sense of humour! How are your nails? Mine fell off. Finger nails more or less back but weak, and I lost another toenail yesterday!

Good luck with it all



Hi wendy
I had just the EC and lost my hair after about 2 weeks, hav’nt shaved legs or armpits since before xmas, bikini lines gone 2 . But these parts were slower to disappear.
Hope it all goes well for you i’m on home run now just had my third taxotere (started with 2 EC) only one more to go then surgery.
jinpip x

Hi Wendy
I know how you feel - I was looking forward to no leg waxing for a few months, but despite losing most of the hair from my head, the old leg hairs are hanging in there with grim determination!! As are all the others - although I haven’t had any regrowth of underarm hair. Bloomin typical isn’t it!! Mind you, I am glad my eyebrows and eyelashes are still there.
I’m around the same stage as you - I’ve had 2 AC and am due third on Tuesday. Hope it all goes well, and the hairs you’d like to lose disappear soon!! Take care,

Hi Ladies

Yes isn’t it typical. I had my second Ac treatmeant on Wednesday. I lost most of my hair off my head dispite using the cold cap, but body hair still there. I too wish it had been the otherway round.
Dilys what a shame, when did you start to lose your nails ?
Is this someting else I have too look forward too, I was aware they may turn black but I hadn’t realised they might come off.

Hi Taurus

My nails went really weird during taxotere despite having kept them varnished as advised! They actually fell off after taxotere had finished. They are growing back now but very flaky. And I lost the second big toe nail two days ago! I was all for making them nto a necllace but everyone said it was too gruesome. Not sure how common it is though. I have read about a lot of people getting ridges and nails going a funny opaque clour but not many who lost them like me. It sounds worse than it is as there is a nail bed underneath. Just makes you very clumsy! And cost me a small fortune in plasters!

Good luck and hope you miss out on that particular delight!

Happy Easter


Hi Wendy, I’m just after second FEC. Head hair thinning quickly despite submitting myself to cold cap torture. Body hair thinning too, less noticeably than head hair. What gets me is that new bristles are sprouting on my upper lip.

Thanks everyone

Dilys - your poor nails, have got to say I’ve not heard about nails falling off, does this depend on the type of chemo you have?

Really hoping I don’t lose eyebrows, not too bothered about eyelashes but I am quite fond of my eyebrows, keep having a little tug at them now and again but they still seem very well rooted but looking forward to not having to shave my legs when they do eventually stop growing (hair, not legs!).

Take care everyone and good luck with your treatments.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy

Think everyone loses their eyebrows, eyelashes and even nasal hair. Sorry! But losing some other is good - legs, underarm, moustache and chin (she says, showing her age). Thing is, no one notices except you! Honestly. Not sure about nails. I think taxotere is especially bad but it doesn’t happen to everyone. Hope you aren’t affllicted. My lovely breast nurse said to me that they don’t tell you everything that can happen. If and when it does then you deal with it.

Much love and strength


I have awful eyebrows so starting again with them may be a good thing, but the thing about nails is worrying. I have terrible toenails, really thick, twisted, ridged, coloured from yellow to brown and the big toenails lift easily. They’ve been like this for years, as were my father’s, so I wonder if chemo would make them fall off quickly, would they grow back the same as they are, or better - or even worse??

Hi all
just to add my experience , had 3 fec and 3 tax finishing 3 and a half weeks ago . I still have someyelashes , a pretty much full set but stubby ( I am still managing to get some mascara on !) I have thin eyebrows but have not lost them completely and whats left I fill in with eyebrow pencil so I think I look pretty much ok. I am very aware I do look a bit different arond the eyes but other people have said I look fine. and one of my sisters who I dont see that often said that she couldnt put her finger on what made me look different . I think its like when guys shave off a moustache you kow somethings different but sometimes dont know what it is !
I think eyeliner is a must for me though and makes me look like I have more lashes than I do .

I am a bit worried reading Dilys’s post about losing nails after tax has finished. Makes you wonder how long the effects last . My nails went weak at the ends an the cuticle looks bigger than normal but so far so good , no signs of losing any !

Cally x

Hi Cally and all

So sorry to worry you but it did happen to me. But it really isn’t the end of the world. I tried to look at it as chemo working. It hits fast growing cells after all. And it all seems to be doing ok now. So sorry to worry anyone! I also have numb toes which my onc tells me could last for at least a year. But it is wearing off already. And Cally - sounds as if you did well on the eyebrow and lashes front, so may be you will be fine. As I think I said, the nails are very individual. Bet you will be fine!

Palomino - wish I knew the answer to that question! Let’s hope a new start is a good start? My big toe nails (or current lack thereof) make me so glad it is chilly out there and no need for sandals! Mind you, it there is one thing I have learned over all this it is that no one notices a thing you may be worrying about!

Much love to all