hair not growing back

Hi ladies
I’m 10 weeks post chemo and there is no sign of my hair growing back! I used the cold cap so have been left with about 20% of my hair! very thin on top and back of my head!
I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them, as it is really freaking me out!! Also what hair I have left if still very fragile and continuing to fall out.
Norms xx

Hi Norms

In addition to the support and replies you will soon have here please feel free to call our helpliners to talk your concerns over, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

Take care


Hi Lucy
I have spoken with the helpline today and they suggested I post on here to see if any of the other ladies have had a similar experience!

OK great, lets hope for some replies here soon then

Best wishes


OK great, lets hope for some replies here soon then

Best wishes


Hi. I was just over 10 weeks when the first bits of stubble began to appear, whilst others who went through at the same time as me were talking about cutting theirs! I understand the frustration and the worry. The people who sell Aloe Vera products claim it’s good for bald men and good for hair loss, and i have to say that not long after beginnign to massage some (99%) aloe in the scalp daily, some began to appear, but they say that massage itself stimulates growth. Apparently apricots contain all that hair needs, and my specialist cancer hair care lady said to have 3 breakfasts! If we just grab a bowl of cereal and rush off, our body has been starved oveornight and all the goodness gets taken by our vital organs. Hair is at the end of the queue… she suggested having a bowl of cereal… then half an hour later having some protein (egg and toast or something) then half an hour after that having fruit (pref apricots) i think there might hav been yoghurt in there somewhere! I’ve been trying that on work days and find I need next to nothing for lunch and am not snacking, so not putting on any weight with it.

Hang on in there, you’re not alone…

the website of our local cancer hair charity is lots of useful information and encouragement…


Hi Norms…I didn’t use cold cap and it was 4 months after last chemo I felt confident to go permanently ‘commando’! My hair was very short and sparse, especially on the crown. Now some 10+ months after last chemo I have about 2cm, mostly all over, just had my first hair trim and my hair sort of looks like a short hair cut of choice. i was told to be patient, but that’s sooooo hard! everyday seems to be a bad hair day :frowning: i rub a little bit of olive oil in 2/3 times a week which has made a little difference…it will grow back :slight_smile:

Hi, I don’t want to alarm you, however you have asked !!! what Chemo did you have?? I had 3 fec and 3 taxotere and 3 years later still do not have enough hair to go without a wig. There is a growing number of women (see Taxotears) who experience permenant hair loss after Taxotere. For the first 3 years my oncologist denied this was a possibility however my last check up she admitted she has 3 or 4 patients with this problem now.
I am only 43 and I had very thick curly hair before Chemo, I do accept this however it has taken me a long time, I have no eyebrows at all (fab tatoos though) and only very short sparse eyelashes.

Hi Norms
like you, 10 weeks post chemo and barely any hair and no eyelashes or eyebrows, what chemo regime did you have? I didn’t do cold cap as I had tried it before when I had chemo in 2007 and it didn’t work for me then so didn’t even bother this time when I had 3 FEC and 4 Taxotere. It’s very frustrating and I am trying hard not to panic about it but last time hair came back very quickly, after 6 FEC and was very soft, like a new born, this time it’s very sparse, course and very very white, I’m 46. Think its is the Taxotere effect. Hang on in there x x

Thank u ladies for all your replies! thought this was just happening to me! Felt so alone and being in the nursing profession I didn’t want to admit I wasn’t dealing or coping with it all! Everyone kept saying your a strong bubbly person and you’ll sail through it!
The chemo I had was E-CMF , now on tamoxifen . I had long blonde hair(dyed of course) but now have very thin wispy hair and Grey! It just makes me look so much older! Well more like my age 51!
i know I haven’t been eating properly with the stress of it all and my friends and family are worried as losing to much weight!
You have all given me hope. Breakfast and olive oil will be had! I am willing to try anything!
Jane thank you I will look at the site,
norms xxxx


I never used the cold cap and I had long blonde hair right down past my breasts, I got a mastectomy then fec t followed by radiotherapy.
my chemo stopped in september and i did not get a tuft of hair until january. Now 4 months later it is long on top and looking thick, good condition and very funky. I get lots of compliments on it.
Give it a bit more time and I am sure you will be fine xx

Thanks babychops! feeling more hopeful! I’m still having radiotherapy! X

A lot of girls recommend the shampoo bar by Lush , it’s pink & has cinnamon in it, I’ve started using it & already starting to get fuzz & I’m still having chemo ( tax ) although I know this can happen , I’m very sceptical about these shampoos like Fast etc but willing to give it a try . It’s only £5 & being Lush it’s all natural products, the girl in the shop said it stimulates the scalp & has a lot of cancer patients use it , she also gave me a hair" mask " called Roots , again is to stimulate the scalp & is minty ( not tried that yet )
again my "growth "may not be down to the soap but it’s worth a try & I’m on the younger woman’s forum on Facebook & loads of girls recommend it , not promising anything but may be worth a go ! X

Thanks Karen I’m wiling to try anything. hope the rest of your treatment goes well! Best wishes xx

Hi I am on taxotere and fear the worst as I have nothing left at all,but I have bought a new shampoo from boots called fast its a scalp treatment and I am going to start rubbing that in asap.
But I wondered if anyone could give me tips on what to eat, this vile taste I have in my mouth even water tastes bad,when does it start to where off?also any other top tips would be great Im nearly there now on my last one at the end of May then on to rads and I am hoping tom return to work while I am having that.
Please share your experiences with me just need a bit of a lift.
Cant wait to have a lovely cup of tea!!!