Hair regrowth all fallen out after tamoxifen

Started FEC In August and shaved head after hair fell out in clumps after  2nd cycle. Throughout chemo I maintained a covering of fuzz. My last chemo was 6 weeks ago and I had a very definite five o clock shadow- boding well for my return to work in a couple of weeks.
I started tamoxifen 3 weeks ago and now all my hair regrowth has fallen out. I now have a totally smooth head with no signs of regrowth. Everywhere I look the consensus is at 6 weeks everyone has a full covering. I feel as if I have gone backwards and my hair will never regrow.
Has anyone else experienced this- feel quite devastated? Thanks

Miserable !!!I didn’t have chemo but Tamoxifen had been very unkind to my hair ,receding hairline and very thin patches , everyone is different though .May be worth talking to your Oncologist about a break from meds for a couple of months to give your hair a fighting chance ,I’m sure I have read posts from ladies who have been advised this .Good luck .Jill.