hair regrowth question

hair regrowth question

hair regrowth question I finish my last FEC chemo in March and I wanted to know how long it might take for my hair to grow back. Im getting married in October and really dont want to wear a wig for the big day. I was hoping to get hair extentions put in, as an attempt to look a little more like I did pre-bc . Anyone out there post chemo with anything to share. Thank you.

hair regrowth Should be growing within a month, but will probably have a different texture (and possibly colour) from your normal. Mine was more or less back to normal in texture after 3 months, and had been cut twice in that time.

—Hair Regrowth —Hi Stella,

My FEC finished in May and I was able to stop wearing my wig in July certainly my hair was short but by October I was getting it cut. So I am sure yours will be okay

You will look fabulous with short hair I was so glad to have hair when it regrew - but the comments are right - much darker and loads thicker and curlier - it is so much stronger that whatever style I had before would not be suitable now so I have kept it short and ‘funky’. It’s loads easier to live with, more fun and a way of saying ‘this is a new me’. Whatever your hair looks like does not matter - you will be fabulous with short or long hair - just enjoy it!

— I finished chemo at beginning of November and hair is now growing back strongly but still too short to look normal without a hat. In another 4 weeks, according to hairdresser, will have normal short hairstyle.

I thought about hair extensions too, but you need to have a few inches of hair before they can attach them. You might have enough given the time between finishing chemo and your wedding.

Stella Hi Stella

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Hair regrowth I finished my Chemo mid -October and my hair is now about 3/4 to
1 inch long, seems much thicker than before as other ladies have said. I had shoulder-length hair pre-treatment which I thought looked good, you can tie it back, etc but now I’ve been told that the short style suits me much better so I’ll probably keep it short (not this short though!)

Why not try some short wigs on, in a similar colour to your natural hair, to see how you look with short hair. You may find that you prefer it if it goes with whatever you’re having on your head.

Hi Stella I finished chemo at the end of March last year and by October had a good head of hair, still short but nowhere near the chemo hair look. Hopefully you will be the same. My hair started regrowing before my last chemo.

If it comes thru a colour you dont like you can dye it before October too. Opinions differ about when you should dye it again but I gave up and dyed my hair dark brown when it came thru birdpoo colour instead of its old colour. As time has gone on I have had it highlighted blond again and my roots are reappearing dark blond so the colour has returned. I also got some one inch straightners which were a godsend and really helped me do something a bit more exciting with my short hair!

I was sure I would have hair extensions while I was hairless and longing for it to return but I havent done it. After months of wig wearing I could now never stand to have false hair of any type again even if I had more chemo.

Extensions take care and extra maintenance - the joy of having your own hair is that you dont have to do so much fussing when you get up in the morning. You may find your new hair exciting enough.

Since publicity around Herceptin and other people realising what I have had from seeing me in the press I have had 2 other girls show me what has happened to them. One I see often but I would never have known. She had hair extensions in the back of her hair and now has alopecia in the same place her hair extensions were and wears a hairpiece to cover this, she unlike us has no idea when it will return. Another has a patch of hair which has been bare for over a year which she blacks daily and hopes no one will notice, I hadnt noticed but she said she has been devastated by it, I suppose at least we have a hair ‘timescale’.

I had never had short hair in the last 20 years but mine is fine now, it’s my own and I have found it quite good fun to look at other people and plan my next style as it is growing down. I feel a Sharon Osbourne bob coming on next!

You will also be able to start from scratch and shape yourself a lovely set of eyebrows as they come thru, and using mascara again is just HEAVEN!

Whatever you decide you will look beautiful on the day and have far more energy to enjoy it than you have now!

Steph x

Hair Hi Stella

I wore the cold cap throughout my FEC treatment and it seemed to be working really well - unfortunately lost all my hair about 2 weeks after the last cycle. That was in April and by August I decided to ditch the wig when I went on holiday. I’ve now had about 3 haircuts - my hairdresser’s brilliant and has vowed to make sure my hair looks great as it’s growing.

Like Steph, I was convinced I’d get hair extensions put in as soon as my hair was long enough - but when it’s long enough for extensions, it’s long enough to look nice without them. I got some mini straightening irons especially for short hair and use them to make my hair straight and spikey. My hairdresser’s very much against extensions as he said they really can ruin the condition of your hair and are hugely expensive to keep putting in. Although I really miss long hair, I’m glad I haven’t got extensions - my hair’s in really good condition now and I get complimented on it all of the time.

Like everyone else had said, I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous for the wedding whatever you decide with your hair.

Good luck with the FEC - hope it’s going OK.