Hair regrowth

I anyone else having hair regrowth problems?  Over 2 and half years after finishing chemo my hair still resembles that of a new born baby, very thin and fine and hardly covering my scalp.  It did start growing back a little, but then I started Arimidex and now it has just stopped growing almost entirely.  Still have no hair in armpits but some on my legs( wouldn’t you just know it!)  Still wearing a wig, but it doesn’t bother me too much.

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I’m sorry you haven’t had any replies to your post yet.  I hope someone will notice it now and come along to offer some support.

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Hello jaydun,
Sorry to hear your hair is not growing faster. Try Argan oil on scalp massaging it gently daily after shampooing. Also almond oil to promote growth.I tried them both and I do not know if that did the trick, albeit slow growth but my head is covered in new hairs. I also seeked professional advice to dye my hair with natural product from Holland and Barret to blend in with my greying hair. It seemed to work. Still, I have no hair in my armpits thankfully but some facial hair which is no good at all. I just finish Herceptin two weeks ago.
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Is it by any chance possible that the 2 ladies with poor/no hairgrowth had taxotere?? I am 3 years on with very little hair and this I know was caused by Taxotere. No one ever mentioned the possibility of permanent hairloss and if they didn’t know they should of .


Nothing can be done now but I really think we should be given facts before treatment, I would of used a cold cap to minimize this possibility.


I have finished my chemotherapy about 5 weeks ago now and have started having radiotherapy every day for 5 weeks and herseptin every 3 weeks. My hair has started to grow back but it very thin and soft like baby hair. A friend who has been through treatment a few years ago has suggested that I shave this first lot of hair off and that my hair would then grow back thicker and in better condition?? I just thought I would seek some further advise from people in a similar situation to me before I take the drastic step of shaving off the new hair that is just started growing back?


Just wanted so thank you for your quick replies and advise. It is much appreciated. I think i will just leave it for the next couple of weeks and see how it looks then. X

I read on the site to use Olive oil from chemist and have done this also alternate it with Jojohoba oil and my hair is growing now. It is lsow but it is at last getting thicker. Good luck

It has been 2 years this month since I had my last chemo. My hair is not growing back. There is more on the sides than the top but you can still see my scalp and it is still fuzzy. I went to see a dermatologist  last year. He said it was alopicia areata due to stress of having cancer and said it has a 60-80% chance of it growing back. I have been to see a different doc in January for a second opinion. The treatment he has given me is not working. He said he will try something else if it doesn’t work. I am not on any medication. I wear head scarves I don’t want  to wear a wig I feel if I do I am resigning to the fact its not going to grow back

Was interested to read some of your experiences…was beginning to think it was just me. O had my last chemo in July 2013. I had 3EC and 3docotaxel. Am now on tamoxifen. I’m 38 years old. I too have had very thin regrowth of my head hair on top ( really thick round the sides) no underarm or leg hair ( small mercies). My eye brows are non-existent. Luckily my eyelashes have returned though not with the same length and curl they had before. I’ve dyed my hair dark brown, which had helped give it more of a look of volume. Have ditched the head scares a good while ago, as got sick of wearing them… I’m also going for a consultation to have my eyebrows done with semi-perminant make up. If any of you are in west Yorkshire, Google Redeem, as they do a discount for cancer survivors. They will also remove my radiotherapy tattoos free of charge. I did try a caffeine shampoo, but didn’t notice much difference to be honest.

Hi all, I finishe chemo July 2012 and it took an age to even get a covering of fluff. By Christmas I had a buzz cut look but still had a really thin psych right at the front on the top. Now it’s about 3 inches long but still really thin, fine and frail and very curly!!! Not grey though! I am thinking of trying the FAST shampoo. Will that thicken and strengthen it? I am also on tamoxifen and I did have taxotere too. Thanks for all the good tips! X

Hi - just a quick addtion to this thread re: eyebrows.


Docetaxol robbed me of my eyebrows 4 years ago and they never really grew back properly.  TBH they were never very thick before chemo and I probably over-plucked them in my twenties.  


So I took the plunge and had semi-permanent eyebrows ‘tatooed’ last year.  Delighted with the results.  If anyone wants more info on how this was and where I had it done do let me know. 

Forgot to mention - I tried all the commercial products such as FAST and another product whose name I can’t remember [tax stole my memory!], but if you want details I can look in my en suite bathroom, not now as hubby in bed.  They had no positive effect for me, so a complete waste of money, however I notice from reading through the the tread that some ladies did see a noticible benefit; just goeas to show that what’s true for one isn’t necessarily true for all!


I, a couple of months back, started to massage my scalp with Argan Oil and this is when I noticed a difference.  Was this coincidental?  I’m not sure! But, as Argan Oil is not ecpensive [bought mine in Aldi] it has to be worth a try.

As I have said in my earlier replies I used Olive oil and Jojoba oil. I now have a good head of hair. It is also curly to my delight, I have always had straight hair so am pleased with what I have now. Just persevere and you will get there

I went back to see the dermatologist yesterday. She now saying it might not be alopecia areata  it could be an iron deficiency. I have finally decided I’m going to get a wig. As it could be a long term thing I want to get a real hair wig. The problem I have now it’s where do I go to get one. I live in the north of England and there is only 1 shop in the local area. Can anyone recommend a reputable wig fitters/ hairdressers where I can go.

Hello ladies,

It’s obvious everyone’s very different, but just looking some hope & inspiration!  I’m 3 1/2 months post chemo & have reached the dizzy heights of about 1/2cm of hair!  It’s finally looking like hair now rather than just bumfluff!  I’m using oil & FAST shampoo, but how long away do you think a bob is?  & how long do you think it’s possible to tolerate a wig when your hair does finally start to grow?

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