Hair Regrowth

Hi I had FEC-T chemotherapy. Whilst the Docatexal has not been a very pleasant experience due to all the aches & pains and total lack of energy I am showing the first signs of hair regrowth and wandered if anyone has any tips? Should I shave this first growth off so it comes back stronger or do I leave it to do its own thing. I think I heard someone say something about rubbing oil in to keep the moisture, but I don’t know what sort of oil? I also heard Indian  head massage encourages growth. I am sure you all know what its like you hear all sorts of things so I would welcome comments or advice from anyone who has had a good experience. Thank you.

Hi. I finished FEC-T at the end of July and had surgery last week. So far I have no sign of hair regrowth and am getting a little worried as some seem to have had regrowth sooner. How long did it take following your last chemo for your hair to start growing again?

I finished my chemo at the end of April, i have a full head of hair now although still very short its getting there! I would just leave it ive never done anything to mine I never shaved it i just let it all fall out naturally as well.
A hairdresser did say to me if you are wearing a wig take it off asap or as soon as you feel comfortable, because wearing it for longer could delay hair growth.

Best wishes Emma

I am 8 weeks since last chemo, 3xFEC 3xTAX and I now have about an inch. Was recommended to use organic coconut oil. I use it whenever I can and on my skin, face and body. Also good for dark circles under yes. it’s lovely. I am confident enough now to go ‘commando’ and ditched scarves/ wig/ hat. Will take photo every 4 weeks so that I can see progress. Also used Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail hardener and only just lost a thumb nail this week, but there is strong regrowth beneath. Eyebrows are just starting to make a valiant effort but meanwhile have been using the stencils which are great. You get 4/5 in the pack and just select the one that is best fit. Brush in lightly and then draw in freehand using light feathery strokes. Good luck, hope this helps, xxx