Hair removal


I shaved my numb armpit yesterday with an battery shaver for the first time after surgery for axillary node sampling. How weird it felt. I could see but not feel. I had to look in a mirror to be sure I was doing it right! I practised on my good armpit first as I’m not used to using a shaver, which I was advised to use instead of a razor. Having just looked - I think I need more practice! It’s a good job I’m not too hairy.


The feeling in my armpit started coming back a few months after surgery. I’m 4 years down the line and it’s OK but still slightly numb. However, I don’t sweat under that armpit and don’t get very much hair growing there.


I am almost 4 years from diagnosis and surgery, I shave under my arms but always look in a mirror while doing so. I have a little numbness in that area but have had quite a lot of feeling back.

Carolyn x

Hi - my armpit is “buckled” following ax.clearance with quite a deep dip that a normal shaver won’t reach. I have taken to using one of my husband’s old nasal hair trimmers as it is the only thing that can reach!! Fortunately not a lot of hair to remove but don’t want to risk an allergy from hair removing creams. Marli

I made the rather stern oncologist I saw during rads smile. He examined me and saw a plaster on my armpit. he asked me what happened and I said I used an electric shaver for the first time and cut the top of a mole. I said I’d wet shaved under my arms all my adult life and had never ever cut myself.

I do use the electric razor still under that arm but very carefully, usually with a mirror. The hair doesn’t grow quick under that arm anyway. I know what you mean about the deep dip following the axillary clearance so it is a bit tricky. Just becomes a way of life though.

take care

Have to say I’ve gone back to a wet shave as the electric one is so unsatisfactory. I have quite a deep dip in my armpit following surgery, and find the wet razor more manoeuvrable. I have no feeling in my armpit (3 1/2 years on) so do it very carefully in the mirror.

I’ve got an odd dip too, but fortunately grow little hair there. I use a Venus razor with the gel like surround and I think it would be quite difficult to cut yourself.

I too confused my rads onc, a lovely Greek gentleman, as when I saw him for my rads sign off I was growing no hair there at all. I asked him about this, and he apologised - but that may be because greek ladies prefer being hirsute. I told him no need to apologise, could he just rad the other armpit… he was very confused by my warped humour and didn’t understand what I was getting at, but broke into a smile when I said he could do my legs and bikini line too…

Im having surgery on the 23rd think i will have 2 start the practice now only problem is ive finished chemo 3wks ago and havnt any hair grooth yey this should be a laugh