Hair today, gone tomorrow...

Well. Day 15 after first chemo (red stuff, but not the same as you all… mine is adriblastine and endoxan, blasted), hair started falling off. Gently first, then by handfuls. So, yesterday I had the second chemo, and this morning I shaved it all off. Now I am sitting here with my wig (to see how tough it is to get used to it, so far so good…), my face looked really weird without my “crowning glory”, but much better than patchy. I might hate myself for shaving tomorrow, but at least it is taken care of. What a pleasure to feel the shower on the head!!! :slight_smile: Quite sensual actually.

Hi Lilith

I dont think you will hate yourself for shaving your head tomorrow - it feels very liberting and feels like you have taken control (thats how I felt anyway). I have a wig but have not worn it - I am preferring bandanas and beanies and just sit about the house ‘nude’.

Well done - thats another hurdle you have crossed


and … it does grow back!

and, btw, was chatting to another long term survivor yesterday - and she tells me that although her eyebrows/ eyelashes and head hair grew back - she hasn’t had to shave anywhere else since!



Hi all

I am sitting here waiting for my second chemo today, and like you I was loosing so much hair, i took the plunge yesterday, and it is all gone!!! We will get used to it I am sure, but currently I am steering clear of mirrors!!!

Good luck to all of you


Kim x

Way to go girls! I did the deed only 3 days after my 1st chemo (EC) not quite shaved to the “wood” as the OH says, but leaving about quarter of a cm, didn’t want to be dictated to about when it was going… haven’t regretted it one bit, and have gone out “naked” since then. Its now been 2 weeks from the chemo and I’m starting to loose hair… but not on my head!!! *blush*
Heard that my wig will be ready to collect next week, but not sure if I will wear it…have to see…
Was inspired to do this by a girl I knew who had alopetia (sp?) who used to be bald and proud, and also a lady I met in the waiting room at the hospital, at the begining of my journey. Very elegant, repectable lady with no hair and a neat little hat, with grace and courage. Never found out who she was but just those few moments we chatted left a deep impression on me. Bless them both.
So heads high ladies!!!

Hi All

Good luck with the head shaving Lillith, you won’t regret it, although may take a little time to get use to it. I did mine on Friday, and although don’t like to look at myself in the mirror too much, I am getting use to it and am wearing my wig in the day esp. out and about, but at night put my little hat on. Weird or what, but least know chemo doing something.

Kim good luck with your second chemo today, hope all goes/went well and you don’t suffer much. I have my 3rd in 2 weeks, weird to be counting something like that down isn’t it. I am steering clear of mirrors too, although a few cheeky people reckon my “wig” looks better than my hair did. Charming or wot???

Shannon, can relate to the other hair loss too - mine is disappearing fast down there too. Although not too sure my legs are working with this, as still shaving them now and again!!

Take care all. Good luck with chemo and shaving heads.


HMMMM, I actually don’t mind my bare head, it feels “funny”, but not really unpleasant. It’s ugly though - it isn’t clean shaven, but has just about 3 mm of hair, in patches… so I look like a hyena: patches of brown, then patches of bare… I have a good wig, and I wear it - even at home, because my daughter looks at me bare, and tell me “you look fine mama, but you look at yourself only when you look in the mirror, while for me it is a constant reminder…”. So, until she gets used to it, it’s constant wig for me.

:slight_smile: as for the other hair, yep, I’ve noticed that too!!! not on the legs (never had any hair there, teehee), but *there*. I’ve noticed even before I started shedding on my head - then I had a strange dream of myself waking up “bare bottom” suddenly - and no-one to enjoy it *furiously blushing* - as I am single. *sigh*

On the other hand, this morning while reading the note inside one of my antinausea meds, I noticed that it says “stimulates intestinal mobility” - yuck!!! the worst thing of my first cycle was an intense… ahem… intestinal mobility, that made me unable to eat any food for a week!!! now I know why - and I am skipping the med. so far, no nausea. That goes to say: ladies, read the notices of all meds you take… the doctor does not always remember or correlate…

Hi all

Second chemo done and dusted. It feels good to be 1/3rd of the way through. Thanks Dawn for your good wishes.
You sound more positive about your hair (or lack of it now).

Take good care

Kim x

Hi Kim,

Glad your 2nd one is done!!! doesnt it sound wierd to be counting down and pleased where getting our doses of chemo!LOL

My 2nd tomorrow… ;-/ wouldnt say im looking forward to it, but at least it will be 2 down and 4 to go!

Glad to hear your ok.

Take Care

hugs, Lynne.x

Hi Lynne

Good luck today will be thinking of you, sending lots of hugs.

Kim x


good on 'ya for taking that brave step. I did it too, after my very first Epi back in May and never regretted it!! It was odd as I never knew I had such a white scalp!

Rest assured your hair will be back before you know it! In the meantime make the most of not having to rely on a vast array of products and electrical appliances to get yourself ready in the morning! May I recommend E45 dry scalp shampoo. Its quite tricky to get hold of, although I got mine in my local Boots. Its awesome, really really gentle, and not just for those with a dry scalp, its great for all.

Take care,


Hi Kelly,

I am sure you have shares in boots!LOL

Hope your ok…


Ha ha ha!

I reckon I should do Lynne!!