Hair !!!

Hi Ladies, hope you are all as well as can be expected? Hair came off on Friday night, big decision but i felt it was the only way I could keep some control. It had been leaving thick and fast since the last treatment and as it was quite thick and long it hadnt realy noticed, but i knew every tme I washed the bath out! So poor o/h got the unenviable job. Planned the evening as best you can these events! Take away, bottle of plonk and the shavers, emotions ran from devestation to liberation! Made the mistake of telling the family who were chomping at the door to have a look. Various reactions, especially Grandchildren,one cried, one laughed and another threw her imitation dolly parton pink wig at me to wear! Was vry brave and actualy went ‘commando’ the following day, I have never had short hair and was suprised that it didnt look that bad. On Monday evening it looked ver patchy as what was there was loosing the will to live so on Tuesday I wore one of my BeuBeu scarves and went to see a wig specialist, more to make others feel good. It was an experience though and I have wig named Jana, not what my hair would have normally looked like but I thought, why do I want to look as I have before I am not that person anymore. I am amazed to say ‘it is only hair’ and only a small part of who are.
Well, sae specialist trial doc. today and all seems fine, tiredness is increasing, but I am relishing the moments when I can say ’ I am having a nap’ and I am left to do so. Still got hair in the places I was hoping to loose it, underarms, legs, I guess its sods law, cant believe I am complining about hair when I have just lost so much! Some people are never happy.
Anyone else lost the ability to string a sentance at times and spell???
Take care ladie and enjoy the weather
Lynn xx

Hi Lynn
Well done on taking the decision,my OH took his clippers to mine when it started coming out and we both cried like babies,that was in Feb, and my hair is now growing back thick and fast.prob got a good number 2 cut now.albeit grey!!!
I did fid that other hair came out a few weeks later and is slower to grow back,still not got any under arms and a little down below.
I always wore my wig outside the house but went commando last week as getting irritable in warm weather and feel liberated.

Good luck


Well done, I got mine shaved off last night and wish Id done it a bit earlier as it was more stressfull casting everywhere - not brave enought to go commando mind, struggled with a scarft out of the house and hats seem to show the bald - wig is okay but god they are hard work! Hoping to hang onto the eyebrows a little longer - leg hair not budging!!!

Cant spell at mo and too impatient to do spell checker!!

Good for you!! I had mine cut short first time round and couldn’t decide whether the short hairs were better on the bedsheets as I was forever spitting them out, or long hair in the bath drain. In the end, I wore a towelling hat in bed and that seemed to trap them.

But watch out when it starts to grow back!!! Mine grew back in different stages. Parts of it grew quickly while other parts took forever. Eyebrows are very slow to grow but they’re about halfway there. That is, the insides have grown but the outsides haven’t! I’ve had it coloured three times and am just about pleased with it now. And I’m hoping to have red/white/blue braids in for the July 4th meeting in Liverpool :slight_smile:

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

Hi Murdo,
Well done - another milestone gone! I did the same as you many months ago and now glad I did.
Eyelashes and brows went too but quickly came back (just had them shaped & tinted /tidied etc for the first time again).
Nether regions lost about half but was baby soft and the legs… NOT affected at all …isn’t it just s…s law!
Have only worn wig twice- once at a party. It was hot itchy and moved every time I put my specs on/off so it is in its original box and just there as a crutch should I feel the need of it at some point.
Feel sorry for all you ladies doing the summer. I bought a Buff called “coolmax” which protects from sun (claims 95% UV rays filtered) which lets me stay out longer in the sun rather than being restricted to shady areas.
Have a good day and take one day at a time,
Love Kay .