hairdresser tomorrow!

Hi girls, hope you’re all ok tonight
First chemo on 6th Jan so hoping hairdresser has a free appointment tomorrow as hubby is going to work, something i need to do by myself.
Have worn my hair long since i was a teenager and even though i know this is a silly thing to be worrying about i’m crying my eyes out tonight.
He told me not to do anything too extreme as i could have another cut after i start chemo but i feel i should just get it chopped and have done with it. We’re going out on new years eve and I still want to look attractive, particularly as most of our friends don’t yet know about the bc. Any thoughts about short styles would be greatly appreciated
Once again, sorry for being such a muppet!
kate x

Hi Kate,

Sorry you’re having to go through all this and what you are feeling tonight is completely normal, Our hair is our identity and you feel that is being taken away from you along with all the other thoughts and emotions of coming to terms with having chemo. I was diagnosed in Feb this year and I am a hairdresser so I know how you are feeling about losing your hair. People don’t realise how traumatic it can be for a lot of us and I think you are being very sensible about wanting to do it in stages. It would be more trouble to you to leave it long although there is no desparate rush for you to have it cut at the moment…If you feel you want to wait till after the new year then that would be ok…Your hair won’t start to fall out till about 14 days after the first chemo. I would advise having long hair removed prior to this as your scalp can become quite sore and sensitive (like a really tight pony tail) just before it falls out, long hair would put a lot of tension on the roots and it could potentially be quite sore.

Maybe you could think about having a good few inches cut tomorrow, just to get yourself used to shorter hair and maybe just before chemo you could have a really nice bob cut… that way you will be adjusting to your hair going shorter… Have you been offered the option to wear the cold cap whilst getting treatment. This can reduce hair loss for some women but not all…What kind of chemo will you be getting? some chemo’s are a bit kinder with hairloss too, so you might want to consider these things also…

A lot of women feel the need to take control when it comes to hair and that is very normal, you should do things only when you feel ready to do it yourself, it can help you come to terms with what is happening. Hope this helps a bit and feel free to ask any more questions you might have…

Best wishes
Fiona xx

Hi Kate
so sorry you’re where you are and having to do this - what I have found (and is reflected in loads of posts) is that taking control is crucial, no matter how painful that feels.
there’s nothing silly about feeling the loss of your lovely hair - I think you are showing a lot of courage to be facing it and I hope doing it on your terms does help.
Sorry, I am crap with hair and have no sensible suggestions, other than to talk it over with your hairdresser and tell them whats happening, they might well have some suggestions and can also advise in terms of your face shape etc and what will suit you.
you won’t believe this right now, I know, but so often hair loss horrifies us (with good reason) and then family and friends show us how they still see us as beautiful - and we are, with or without hair.
I wish you all the best - let me know how you get on
love, monica xx

Hi Kate

Good look with your hair cut tomorrow, I start chemo tomorrow first one,I had my hair cut just before Xmas and got lots of nice comments about it, funny really as I had been growing it for the past year and a half.I will probably shave it in next four weeks.what ever you chose to do will be the right thing for you.

have a lovley new years eve.



Just wondered if you have been offered the cold cap at all. Just took a picture of me tonight to show you. I have had 5 Fecs with the cold cap and although i have lost a lot of hair and used to have much longer hair (had it cut before i started) i still have enough hair to go out with and to wear with hats and things. Just wanted to let you know. But, you wil get used to your new look whatever it is, even though it is not fair!!!


thank you all so much, felt i was being such an idiot worrying about my hair. I know family and friends just don’t get why i’m bothered about it but they don’t get to lose theirs do they. Will walk in to that hairdressers with my head held high and will change my pic tomorrow!
love to you all and thank you again
kate x

hi, was just wondering whether you got an appointment and how it went? xx

I had mine cut into a pixie crop and it looked fantastic! Got great comments about it and it made the transition a little easier.

Lots of luck

sorry you had to go through this, too. I know i was upset too. how you feeling now??