Half way there and counting!

Hi all

Hope you are all ok - I’ve been away for a week and haven’t been near a computer to keep in touch. I can’t believe that no 3 is on friday (31st) it’s come round so quick. I have felt so well that its hard to believe that i’m a cancer patient even my family keep forgetting that!! I still get those “blue” days but with everyone so positive it does rub off and they are not as frequent now. I try not to think of “what happens after this is all over” but I know the 2nd November is getting closer an closer (my 40th as well!!)

Ali - how are you - I know that your 3rd is not to far away - are you up for it?
(I’m terrified but I’m not sure why)

Babyboo - how are you - you must be close/or just had treatment too.

Anyway better go til later - boys are meeting some friends at the park before going back to school next week (YAHOO!!!)


hi JulieG,

congrats on your half way mark. i finished my last one yesterday thank godness in time for my birthday on Friday! I can honestly say that from your halfway to the end will fly by. of course i am very pleased to be finished and know that i do not have to back in 3 weeks time and feel ill again. it may sound strange but i feel slightly lost, as you have lived with chemo for so long and it is a part of your everyday thoughts. But I wish you all the best for the rest of your treatment.

loads a love


Hi Nadia and Julie,

blimey nadia, I can’t believe you’ve finished chemo already! I remember when you started as we both had our first ones around the same time. I still have 2 cylcles of CMF to go, due to finish mid oct. The time has really flown by and I’m gonna be soooooo glad to be finished! I have rads then Herceptin afterwards but I’m nowhere near as bothered about either as I was when I started chemo. I hope you have a great time on your birthday on Friday!

Julie - I have only been back on the comp for a day after going away for a few days. Like you say I felt so well that I think we all forgot I am a cancer patient who is currently undergoin chemo! How good does that feel!! I even wore my wig out so that I just blended into the background! Me and my boyfriend are stayin in a hotel this sat night, just as a little treat to ourselves, so I’m gonna get the wig out again for that too. I intend to have a blooming good drink for a change as well! I hope your chemo goes well on Fri and your side effects are almost non-existent,

Take care,


Hi Julie

I’m OK - I had an infection last week and tht scared me a bit, had the shivers and shakes and my temp was shooting up - almost got admitted Thurs night, but got it under control thankfully. Gets a bit complicated at midnight when you have 2 small children to consider!!!

Anyway I was really sick with my 2nd FEC so have asked for extra anti-sickness stuff and I have my 3rd and final dose of FEC Friday too, and I am hoping it’s halfway for me too, but that depends on my MRI scan which is scheduled for 7 Sept. The plan is then to have either 3x or 6x Taxotere depending on my response, but the Doctor on the chemo ward examined me 3 weeks ago and she thought it had already shrunk by 1cm, so I am hopeful that we are on the right track.

Also spoke to my BCN today and she said if the clinical response was good they might reconsider the decision to do a Mastectomy…I have mixed feelings about this as don’t want to increase my risk of recurrence, but would like to hang on to what i’ve got too!!

Good luck for Friday, sounds like you are coping really well - hope the next one is a good for you too Julie.

Well done Nadia - that’s great that you have finished…Brilliant.

Kelly - glad you are enjoying your break, have a fab time at the weekend, you really deserve it…at least the hangover will be no worse than a post-chemo day!!!

LOL to all

Hi all

Nadia - Congrats on finishing - I can’t wait for that day. Do you have to have anything else? I hope you have a nice birthday. It must be really good finishing chemo!

Ali - I know the probs you get when you need hospital in the middle of the night with small kids - mine are 9 and 6 and I had probs the 1st chemo with temperature, sore throat and bad ears but fortunately the Dr gave me antibiotics and they started working by the next afternoon so I didn’t need to go in to hospital - quite scary as the DR didn’t really know what to do either!!! Hope your chemo goes well on Friday - I’m stressing a bit now but at least after tomorrow I will have 3 to go and it will finished by 2nd Nov (Can’t wait for that day). Don’t worry to much about your mastectomy - I had a double in June and it was hard but not as hard as I thought it would be - my mum just kept reminding me that although I’d lost both boobs the cancer was gone as well. I have had my prosthesis for about 5 weeks and am getting on ok with them but will opt for reconstruction hopefully in Feb (as long as the options are good!) I am not sure what the staging and grading means but i had a grade 2 on left a 3 on right but they were both only stage 1!!! The chemo they told me was precautionary only and all scans showed no cancer anywhere else - I’m hoping that was a good sign. It feels funny putting falsies in your bra but you can buy special ones from amonea or Nicola Jane and M&S do a range in their bigger stores as well. My smallest likes to wash them in the bath for me - strange child!!!

Kelly - Hope you have a lovely weekend you deserve it after all that we have been through - not everybody understands that unless you are where we are! Enjoy, get merry and have fun!

Love to all


i just wanted to say hi, its great you are so positive it does really help, i am halfway through my chemo, i start the EC chemo tommorow and have 4 before my surgery i am abit nervous about tommorow but im sure it will be fine, keep smiling
take care
love galen x

Hi all

sorry I didn’t see this and started a thread of my own like a twit!

Just wanted to say all the best - I have my 3rd FEC tomorrow (Friday).
JulieG - I’m working to Nov 2nd too, it’s tattooed on my brain.

My 2nd been much better than the 1st - no infections.
Ali - sorry your 2nd was “infected” - it makes it all so much harder doesn’t it?

Good luck Gals


Hi Everyone,

Got caught up reading this thread, feel so lucky that I got past number 3 without too much trouble. Its funny how everyone is so similar but different at the same time, but helps to know you’re not going mad or are alone doing all this stuff… I get so uptight right before chemo (which is NOW).

I havent used this before but found myself caught up once I got started reading some cos I’ve heard so much on here that fits… dont know what I’d do with my daughter in the middle of the night if I get sick, (single mum with a 10yr old daughter) -need to wake up her gran for help I guess. Fingers crossed that doesnt happen.

I’ve already had mastectomy and full node clearance (they wanted to do this first), this week I’m halfway through chemo, with rad, herceptin and hormone therapy to come. I had immediate LD recon, (tried to avoid implant) but new boob much smaller and will have to go bigger with implant or fat transfer so walking about bit lopsided with a D and less than a B cup at the moment - one falsie does me. I should be finished chemo begining of December and my 40th too - now I’m really not looking forward to THAT birthday!!

Good on ya for getting on with life, the odd night away with my boyfriend has certainly cheered me up no end, recommend it for everyone.

Would love to hear how rads and herceptin go.

Best of luck and best wishes to everyone.

Janice x

Hi all

1 week after 3rd chemo and feeling really crap this time!!! The queasy feelings stayed for the entire week so every time I went in the fridge or put something in the bin I fell really queasy. Also thinking about the treatment makes me want to heave as well! They told me I could take extra odansetron and domperidome but they both made me feel twice as bad. Will the 4th treatment be worse still? I don’t know how much more I can take of feeling like this. On a good note the sore throat has finished and all ok otherwise (apart from tiredness). I know the light is getting nearer but I can’t wait to be on the last treatment that’s for sure.

Anyway speak soon

Hi All

JulieG - Sorry you are having a rough time with your 3rd chemo, got my 3rd a week on wednesday - hoping I am still OK, as so far so good. I take domperidome and they work for me. You should speak to your chemo nurse and they will try something else for you to try to combat the sickness. Can’t go through this every time can you.

Mammabee hope you are ok today and hope that your 3rd FEC went ok with no side effects.

Good luck to all of you who have just had treatment this week too and hope everyone is feeling ok with it.

Hope everyone is having or got planned a good weekend.

Take care all

Hi Julie,

I think many of us have suffered after chemo No3 but please take heart because it does get easier. I am on E-CMF and struggled big time after Epi No3, it just totally floored me and literally wiped me out! I don’t think I even went outside the house for the best part of a week!

I’m pleased to say that Epi No4 was much more tolerable and I felt like a totally different person! On No3 I really wanted to give up as I had totally had enough, although I wouldn’t have actually done it, I just talked the talk!! Trust me, it WILL get easier, I’m sure of it!

Take care of yourself and I hope you start feeling better really soon,


Wow, reading these means I might be in for a crap FEC no. 3 then … heres hoping I am lucky and don’t suffer. Have been fine so far and def. don’t want to suffer, its bad enough having to go through it all, as we all know.

Week and half to go to no 3, so will let you know.

Take care all

Thanks guys for the support - today seems a bit better. The sore throat and mouth ulcers have gone right down now and it’s really weird but I only have the heaving when I think about the treatment - obviously it’s a mind game thing!!! I have 2 good weeks (hopefully) now, before my next treatment on 21st sept so I will be raring to go! I also got together yesterday with my girlfriends and we have booked a girly retail therapy weekend in November (3 weeks after my last treatment) shopping in windsor and lots of lovely treatments and lounging round the pool at The Runnymede Hotel…BLISS (I have something to look forward to - including my 40th the week before that). Maybe the weeks will fly by now!

Take care one and all


Sorry I missed this thread for some reason - i blame the drugs for everything!!! I know that feeling Julie about dreading the next one, I also feel like throwing up at the thought of the next dose…the smell of the drugs, I can smell it everywhere - I have to strip the bed as soon as I feel upright enough!!!

Aah Julie that treat at Runnymede sounds great. I am thinking about booking a weekend break once the chemo is done, just with hubby, dunno where yet. I am just waiting for Weds when I see Onc and he will be able to tell me MRI results from Friday, and then I will know whether I need another 3 or another 6 chemo’s. If 3 mine will also finish on 2nd Nov…so I reckon end Nov we will be scattered all over the place celebrating (hope I am able to - am dreading him saying I need 6 more…)

Dawn - don’t worry, my #2 was worse than my #3, everyone is different, although I have noticed the sickness was better but tiredness was worse this time.

How are you Alison?

Take care all

Hello Julie…ooooh the half way mark it really is a good feeling. Number four is out of the way for me and although I was sickwe yesterday I have been out of my bedroom prison today… Nice to get some fresh air.

We are nearly there…keep smiling and remember that I am thinking of you .

xxx Boo xxx