Half Way There!

YIPPPPPEEEEEEE…I am half way there. MUCH easier with the PICC line in although everyone keeps asking me if Ihave broken my arm now because of the bandage…I have been very weepy because this is the first time that I have felt like a cancer patient…not a nice feeling BUT

I haven’t been throwing up once this time and today, although only day two is better than many of the after treatment days I have had so far. So, a much more positive BabyBoo is back with you…sorry for the panic post last time but I was feeling the strain…must do better…hee hee.

I hope everyone is well, or as well as can be expected and thank you for the messages.

Hi Babyboo

That is fantastic news and probably much better for you too as no struggling with veins anymore. Hope you are not too weepy this evening, but great news that you are not throwing up this time as well. My 2nd chemo is next Wednesday, so see how many times takes for the needle this time around, only took 2 attempts last time, so fingers crossed.

Take care