Half Way There

Mmmm…I did post this but it seems to have got lost soooooo

I am half way there… had the third dose yesterday and today I have been out for a walk…TWICE! Haven’t thrown up once, felt really bad yesterday but today I am a much happier BabyBoo…see…I am smiling…can you see?

I have been very emotional with this PICC line in as I now feel like a cancer patient…something I have never felt before…hey ho!

Sorry about my last panic post…I was feeling a bit desperate!

Much better to feel lively than thinking I am going to die as I did yesterday!

Still smiling and hoping that everyone are as well as they can be. x xxxxx x

Hiya Babyboo,

hope Sweden is well!!! Its v.windy where I am in the UK at the mo! Can you believe you are half way through chemo already? It does go really quickly doesn’t it. I am 2/3 of the way through my chemo and I can not believe where the time has gone!

I’m glad you’re still smiling and managed to get out for a walk today, TWICE!!. LOL!

Take care and keep plodding on, you’re doing great,


Hi Babyboo,
Glad you are feeling better today. No need to apologise, I don’t think there is anyone on this site who has not felt like that at some point or other.
Sending lol, hope tomorrow is also a good day, take care,
Tracy xxx