Half way through chemo and good news...

So ladies, I’m on neo-adjuvant chemo,so still have to go through surgery and rads, but I’ve now had 4 cycles of EC, with 4 cycles of Taxol to go, and not really looking forward to that, as it seems from what I’ve heard and read that this will be even more aggressive. But it will be accelerated, once every 2 weeks, so I should finish before the end of the year.
I’m feeling really pleased I’ve done with the EC. And when I saw the onc recently, he gave me a check, and my 5cm lump has gone. Fab! I still need a mastectomy, as I’m small, but that was very reassuring.
Other good news is that we’re due to complete Friday on our new house, so lots to look forward to!
Oh, and just to round it off, I had a call from work, and there have been some changes there that mean, without boring you with the details, my job will be more exciting and challenging, in a good way! I’m almost looking forward to going back… ;o)

I just have to make it through 4 cycles of Tax… boooooo…


Hi Shannon

Well done on reaching the halfway mark !!! If its any consolation, I found taxol easier than EC. The only down side is that because its fortnightly, you just start to get over the side effects, and they hit you with it again - lol !! I found my legs started to ache two days after the taxol, and make sure you have the painkillers and hot water bottles ready. As I said though, I still found it easier than the awful EC !

Brilliant news that your lump has gone - mine did too, and like you I still had to have a mastectomy (which was on 3rd Oct) - have now got a tissue expander in, and am waiting for my rads to start.

Good news too on your house and your job - you sound really positive, and so you should ! I love reading messages like yours !

Good luck with the rest of your treatment !

Lots of love Julie xxx

Hi Shannon

Well done and great news on the tumour shrinkage. Mine also shrank well and its great to see it happening. Still had mestectomy and just finished rads. We met at the wellbing day - I think. Time flys eh ?

Take care


what lovely news, thats great.

Diane x

Hi Shannon
That is great news - news like that gives all of us a boost!

It is great news all around, Shannon!

It looks like we are on parallel runs: I have also finished 4 EC (my poison was adriblastin, nasty stuff, a bit different), and then 4 taxol (did the secon one today), all in accelerated 2 weeks cycles, to be finished the 3rd of Dec. Yeepee! my mastectomy was already done last July, so I am done with the ordeal and await recon.

I did not find the taxol harder. In fact, sore tummies and so on are gone. The horrid taste in my mouth is still here (goes away after a couple of days), and I am tired, but beside that not much more to report. Some small shooting pains in the legs (not strong but unpleasant), and restless legs at night… a couple of Advil (ibuprofen works for that), a hot bath and a warm bed are very useful for that. In all other senses, I’ve kept up my normal life… I am not working until Jan, so it is nice to go in and check on advancement and news a couple of days a week, for the rest I am making plans for xmas!!! this year I am truly looking forward to that.

Read all the comments with interest as I am on neo-adjuvant regime as well. If my blood checks are ok I will have the last taxol on Wednesday. I will then have 4 EC at three weekly intervals. I am interested to hera how anyone gets on with EC. I was told that after two chemos my tumour had shrunk to half the size so hoping for less surgery. Good luck with all your treatments. Alison

Hi girls,

Thanks for all your messages, I’m still on a bit of a high, I can at last see the end of chemo, and really looking forward to getting there.
Julie - wow, you’re a bit ahead of me, (you were on neo-tango I think?) but great to hear, I’d be really interested to hear how you get on with the tissue expander, as that’s what I’ve been offered…and good news that you found Tax a little easier to handle than the EC.
Hi Jane - yes! I was on the wellbeing day, nice to bump into you again, and congrats on finishing your rads, fab news! :o) So are you all finished with treatment now?
Lilith, sounds like you also found Tax not so bad… if I can get rid of the sicky feeling, and cotton wool head I can cope with pains… looks like you’re a bit ahead of me, how nice to be finished by Christmas, hope you have a good one.
Alison - as with most chemo, EC affects different people in different ways… I have been very tired, in a lethargic sort of way as well as a sleepy way, on each cycle I felt more nauseous, for longer each time. Also have a very wooly head for about a week. Here’s hoping your side effects are few and short lived!

Take care all