Hand hygiene whilst wearing glove????

Hiya gals!  I have a sleeve and glove with fingers.  Nothing in the leaflets I’ve been given

mentions what do do when going to the toilet.  I’m surprised since this seems like a fairly basic hygiene issue to me…


I’m wondering if the best thing to do is take the glove off before going into the bathroom, allowing me to wash my hand afterwards? Any tips? 

hi parky, i’ve had lymphoedema for 6 years and had to wear a sleeve with the hand bit and a glove. at first i used to take the glove off and take my hand out of the sleeve which was a blooming pain, then my friend sugested disposable latex gloves. I brought them from amazon and were only about £5 for a hundred. Luckily for me I only had to ware the glove for about 6 months and my hand returned to normal so only have to wear a sleeve now and not all the time as my arm is more or less back to normal now :). Good luck xx

Hi Parky,


I too wear an all-in-one sleeve with hand piece and fingers. I haven’t been as lucky as Parky and any change I make just results in a rapid fill of fluid. Anyway, like stressy messy, I initially bought some latex gloves but soon found that far too much of a faff.


I’ve basically taught myself to negotiate the whole toileting experience one-handed, lol ! I keep my gloved hand in a pocket. The real challenge was in wiping my bum with one hand, and my left hand (the things you don’t get told hey?)too.


I cut up my food into tiny pieces so I can eat them with one hand. The one thing that defeats me is crusty bread. Not been able to manage that one - yet!! 


I’m sorry if I’ve shared too much information!


Good luck, Rattles x

Thanks for replies -much appreciated! Its not too much info Rattles - I think that they should definitely put some tips for everyday life into the leaflets. We all go to the toilet! Stressy- am going to get some disposable gloves- think that they’ll be very useful for lots of things. Think that using the unaffected hand when I go to the lav is going to be the way forward for me tho’! Oh the continuous glamour of bc eh?

How many gloves/ sleeves do you get allocated by NHS?