Hand in of Save Our NHS Petition done - but ...

A group of us handed in the Save Our NHS Petition to our local MP this morning, and I’m pleased to say the Mid-Sussex Times and Argus were there to take photo’s - but there was not a single cancer patient present, and I wonder why not. Maybe I’m the only one to be concerned about the proposed changes to the Health Service.

You are not the only one with concerns Lemongrove… lots of reasons for others not being there, not least political apathy and hoping others will save the NHS. Glad you had the strength to go and add to the pressure.

Hi I should think a lot of cancer patients are concerned about the proposals and probably signed the petition,I don’t think that because they didn’t turn up to hand it in means that they are not concerned :slight_smile:


please be reassured you aren’t, people just act in a wide range of ways - well done you for doing your bit, Nicola

well done you !
Really appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication.
Sorry could not get there.

Linda xx

Well done!
Glad you did have support handing it in even if there were no other cancer reps there. I don’t think it’s because people don’t care - well I hope that’s so!
I would have been there if I could,but just couldn’t, and that may be the case with some others too. I know quite a lot of local people signed the petition so I think people are concerned, it’s a shame more didn’t turn out to the hand over, but thanks for your efforts.
Julie x

I’m fairly sure I’m not the only one concerned about the NHS, and of course people do things in different ways, and may have been too busy doing other things. However, Sussex is going to be the first County in England to implement these health reforms, so I suspect cancer patients here will be the first to feel the brunt of that - so my feeling is that cancer patients should have been out in their droves.

It’s too easy to be an “ostrich” with head in sand - we need people like you Lemongrove to keep up the profile and pull in more to be involved. The on-line petitions that are now developing do show that people are concerned but maybe not yet coming out to show it actively - we need to keep up the pressure or it could all be too late… I know of a hospital that wanted to buy Cyberknife and has not been able to budget for it - very sad for those cancer patients and it might have been bought if more funding was available. I think we need to publicise specific cases and issues so that the detail makes sense to everyone. My outpatient physio for my arm has been stopped - just go if I’m worried approach now - lots of outpatient facilities are cutting back as an intial way to save money…

Frances, as usual, you’re so right. People seem to bury their heads in the sand until it happens to them or their loved one’s. In my village, we have a five year old boy with an inoperable brain tumour, and the only hope for him is SIRT - only problem is that the SECSCG do not fund SIRT. Now our Village is a very community minded and raises money for everything from the church to the Brownies, to the post office, but there has been complete silence concerning the little boy. Maybe it’s just too harrowing to contemplate or maybe cancer is still taboo, or maybe people think they can’t change the funding policy of the SECSCG, or maybe people are too busy -I just don’t know. What I do know is that when I’m told that patients are waiting six months for radiotherapy, or are being sent 40 miles away to have it, or that there is no tissue paper on the examination couch because the budget has been spent, I feel very cross. Sussex spends twice as much on mental health services as cancer, because it prioritises mental health. If cancer patients joined together to jump up and down, priorities would change.

Hi Lemongrove

I agree totally - I have emailed my MP, also Andrew Lansley’s “Listening” exercise, as well as signing the 38 Degrees online petition. Am posting the link to the 38 Degrees website in case anyone else is interested in what they can do…



Thanks Mo.