Hand swelling and Arimidex

Has anyone else experienced any swelling of their hands or feet whilst being on Arimidex?

Just wanting to rule this out before thinking about lymphoedema…


Hi poannie,my hands are normally more swollen in the mornings but get better as the day goes on.
I have no swelling of the feet just the usual joint pains.

Hope others can help answer your question for you.

Take Care

Hi Poannie

Yes I have! I was switched to Arimidex in April, and very soon after developed a swollen right foot, which was quite painful. I went to my GP and he came to no real conclusion, he just eliminated DVT. I also developed a calcium spot under my left eye.

The side effects of Arimidex became intolerable in that the aches and pains I had experienced on Tamoxifen got even worse, i.e. all of my body was affected by aches and pains, as opposed to just hands and feet.

I went to my GP, who consulted with my onc, and I was switched back to Tamoxifen. The adverse side effects of Arimidex just vanished.

Hope this helps.

Bubs X

Hi Poannie

You might be interested in this link:


Apparently this has been produced by a Dr. Paula Stewart. She’s a lymphologist and drug interactions with LE is her special interest.

It is possible to e-mail her - I can let you have her e-mail address if you pm me.

Might give you some clues.



Hi…yes I did…particularly my ankles, with both Arimidex and Tamoxifen…xx

I’m on Aromasin and my hands are slightly swollen. I can’t wear the rings I used to wear. Sometimes my fingers really ache badly. My feet are also intermittently painful in various places which my onc says is caused by the Aromasin.
Best wishes
Anthi x