Hands and Feet

Hi - does anyone else have crippingly cold hands and feet after chemo ? I am going to speak to the Onc when I see him next week but my hands get so sore it is painful - my OH has to hold my hands in shops etc just to get some movement in them - there are times they are literally blue with the cold - I didn’t particularly suffer from poor circulation before chemo. Is there anything I can do to aleviate ? any tips ? thanks

i didnt have chemo but i have developed very cold hands and feet
how odd!!

Me too!!! I wondered if instead of hot flushes with Tamoxifen I was getting cold flushes instead. My hands in particular go icy cold. True, I’ve never been a ‘warm’ person especially but not this cold all of the time. How strange!

I have had quite poor circulation since childhood (it’s a bit like Raynauds) and I have found it has got worse since I finished Herceptin 2 years ago in both my hands and feet.

I also suffered cold hands and feet,I used to use one of those gel packs you can put in hot water to heat it up then it holds the heat for quite a while (the same one you can put in the freezer too)just wrap it in a cloth then hold it
sorry I can’t remember the name but you can probably find them