Handy hints on LD flap reconstruction

I had chemo, mastectomy then rads (finished rads early March).

I am now discussing reconstruction (at this stage with the BCN before seeing the plastic surgeon) and I think what will be offered/suggested will be a LD flap, followed by making the remaining breast look similar to the new one (if necessary), followed by graft of skin for a nipple on the new breast, and finally tattooing the new nipple.

I am aware that the operation could be lengthy and that I will have a scar on my back - I can live with that - what concerns me most is impaired mobility in the shoulder because I do a lot of yoga and tennis.

So my question to you ladies out there is this - who has gone through this sequence of events? Any warnings, tips, or other information that might be useful? In particular, did any of you suffer severe loss of mobility?

Bubs X

Hi Bubs
I had bilateral mast with immediate LD recon. I was on the table for 71/2 hrs (but this was for 2) Can’t comment on what the future holds as only 3 weeks post op but I have full range of movement. I have been encouraged by my Physio that if I keep up with the exersises and dont “run before i can walk” I should be back to full strengh. The only thing she said I wouldn’t be able to do is rock climb. But seeing as i didn’t do it before I’m not concerned!
I think your Tennis and especially Yoga will probably help you as you must be very supple.
Good luck with your surgery
Debi x

Hi Bubs,

I am 12 months post bilateral recon using the ld method, I have had the nipples reconstructed and am now awaiting the tatoos.

I can honestly say it was the best thing to have done, I was in theatre approx 6 hours and in hosp for 6 days, in the beginning yes it is painful but nothing that strong painkillers can’t handle. As long as you take it easy to begin with and start the exercises when you’re ready, I’m sure you tennis and yoga will indeed help you I did kickboxing before the operation and am now back doing it no problems.

I hope the above has helped, I would recommend this method to anyone as in my case everything has gone really well.

good luck