Happiest woman alive!

After having my mastectomy last week, I went back to see my Consultant yesterday for my results. All clear! Aside from having to take Tamoxifen for the next 5 years, no further treatment needed. I can’t begin to tell you how relieved, happy and lucky I feel.

The ‘Posters’ on this forum are an absolute inspiration. Although I don’t post often, I do read religiously your highs/lows/experiences/advice - and it has definitely helped me get through the life since my initial doctors appointment on 7 October.

Thank you all for being you x

Deb x x

Fantastic news Deb. I wish you all the very best in the future.

Reeb x

What wonderful news - I am so happy for you! xx

Hi. That is wonderful news. Absolutely Great. Our journey just beginning, but all the very best to you and God Bless x x x Michele

That’s brilliant Deb. I hope I will be saying the same about my partner in two and a half weeks time!

FAN-BLOOMING-TASTIC news Deb, absolutely delighted for you and your family, xxxxxxx
what a great Christmas you are going to have, pop the bubbly!!! Live a full and healthy life xxx

What wonderful news Debs! Have a great christmas and let the celebrations begin! XX

Fantastic! That is so good to hear. Enjoy life to the full!

Deb, that is utterly brilliant - I’m smiling from ear to ear!!


Hi Ladies

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Sadly, seems I spoke too soon! After their weekly team meeting, my oncologist has decided that because of the size of my tumour and the fact that I’m young (41) and healthy, I will be having chemo :frowning:

Not over the moon as psycologically I’d adjusted to 5 years tamoxifen and regular check-ups. But I trust the experts and anything that will give me the maximum chance of being around for my beautiful daughter, I will do.

So I’ll be asking for more advise, reading everyones postings about the chemo ‘experience’, and hopefully, sharing some tips too.

Life’s a funny old journey ay x x x

Oh POO. I’m having chemo too - I had one lymph node affected and the tumour was Grade 3, so either of those would have decided the onc. on chemo… being another young 'un like you (I’m 41 too. Did you ever believe you’d be called young and fit again? It’s the best part of the hospital visits for me!! I’m nearly believing them…)

I start on 17th Dec, 3FEC and 3TAX, so we may well be going through this at pretty much the same time.

Sophie xx

I’m so sorry you have had to deal with this turnaround, it really knocks you for six whatever it is. I hate to say it and right now you may not appreciate this comment but I am pleased they are offering you the chemo as everything I have read etc tells me its better if you do We all want the minimum but as you say there is no point kidding ourselves and leaving out a phase of treatment that may make all the difference. I had minimal node involvement and they hummed and arrhed about the chemo but in the end (and having finished it just!!) I am glad I had it. I would have been worried for you if they had left it at just (just!!!) the surgery. Take it all my darlings and get well forever! I had the 3 FEC and 3 Tax, I found the FEC ok, the tax was harder especially the first one but there is a lot that can help - mainly get good painkillers - I found tramadol made all the difference when the chemo made me very sore as did investing in a good quality soft mattress cover and a new soft pillow!! Lots of cream for your feet and hands - parafin wax and petroleum jelly from the doctor and betnovate cream - again from doc for very sore areas of skin which you might not get. Senokot to prevent constipation from the anti sickness meds is very useful. Aches and pains aren’t great but they will pass too, I am not at all brave and I did it and survived to tell the tale! My kids nearly bludgeoned me to death for being a moody cow at times but overall here we are - surgery done, chemo done - bring on the radiotherapy!!! All my love to you all.

Hi Sophie and Woodlandmanor

Thanks for your replies. And yes, it is great being ‘young’ again at 41 (42 on 10 January!)

My chemo starts on 15 December. I’m also having a CT scan on 22 December. I should be having the scan first but the oncologist secretary says it will be ok if its not before my first session of chemo?!

Actually, posting this has just reminded me - I’m due to see the breast cancer nurse for my prosthetic fitting on 17 December. I’m busier now than ever with appointments etc…

Which part of the country are you lovely ladies from? Feel free to private message if you’re happy to. It’d be great to see how you’re doing and get any tips :slight_smile:

Hope you’re both ok.

Deb x x

Hi Deb - I’m down South just outside of Salisbury, being treated at Odstock hospital (SDH). You’ll be doing your first chemo 2 days before me… so I’ll be coming to you for advice <grin>. I get my prosthesis fitting on 21st Dec, wig lady on 13th Dec… PICC put in same day as chemo… yup, diary starting to look full with appointments I’d rather not have!!!</grin>

The chemo shouldn’t make any difference to CT scan, so best to get going on it sooner rather than later… it would be worse to have to wait til post christmas, you’d be worrying all the time if you’re at all like me!

Sophie xx

hey furball,

was about to post pop that champers, so sorry to hear yoru turnaround but think it best to have the cemo if grade 3.
save that champers till end of threatments

im 41, was a duran duran fan!! well stalker really. lol. lump removed nodes clear, grade 3, so fec x6 then rads then tamoxofen for 5 years.

im in bromsgrove, 13 miles from birmingham

Hi I am in Kent, I have just finished my chemo 3 x FEC and 3 x TAX, following MX and node clearance, I had three tumours as lobular cancer is multi focal and 2 and half (!) nodes affected out of 25 removed, grade 2. I started radiotherapy today and that went ok. If you need any advice, ideas, tips, help or just a sound off do email me privately or on this site. Don’t worry too much about the chemo I am a big woose, worry about everything and hate even taking an aspirin and I have done it and coped ok. Very glad its over but it does pass and rather more quickly than you can imagine. Just grab it all and do what you can for yourself. I so remember those days of prosthesis, CT’s etc etc -all a new regime no one wants but it becomes a new ‘normal’! It feels ages ago now but was only in the summer for me. To go on with buy a good mattress topper and 2 new very soft pillows! Take all side effect stuff they give you before you need it and don’t get constipated!!! Senokot before bed, stock up on thin soups for when you don’t fancy anything else and fruit jiuce you can water down with fizzy water. I wasn’t sick once and rarely felt it on the FEC and not at all on the Tax. Did you know you can get a pillow with a speaker in it which connects to an IPOD! Forget all the clever stuff, these treats get you through the day and some long nights ha ha!! lots of love to you all and remember its all to give us the wonderful future we deserve T xxx

Fantastic news xxx

SJ xx

well done xxx

im getting my new boob on 14th can wait

Hi, l am so pleased for you …I had the same result as you, no further treatment, but tablets for five years phew!
Though the daft thing is l was feeling guilty as a two friends had chemo an radio therapy… Crazy, must count my blessings day by day eh! Angie