Happy Christmas and quandry re alcohol

Hi All


Happy Christmas to us all, and hope what ever stage we are in the process we can have some time with family friends etc.  I would be interested in peoples views, or what advice they have had with regard to drinking alcohol over this festive time?  I must admit I have not drank alchol at all since early October, and to be honest I am a bit frightened to even go there.  I think I feel there is just no point and the reports are so conflicting.  What do others think/feel?

Hello - I’m working on the anything in moderation. I’m not a regular drinker, but will probably have a glass or two of something sparkly over the Christmas period, and maybe a sneaky G and T if I want one, although most of the time I prefer a cup of tea!  

Jane x

Like Jane, I’m in the enjoy in moderation bracket, not every day, but its also good to enjoy things. I feel comfortable with that & take note of guidance rather than feeling dictated to by it.
ann x

Also like Jane, I may have a glass of cider, but I prefer a hot beverage- coffee.

I’m still on painkillers at the moment, so got to wait until I stop them.