Hard implant post rads

Hello I had my ld reconstruction last December and finished rads in July this year. Since the rads the implant has gone very hard and although not painfull, uncomfortable. I had a check up a couple of weeks ago and BCC said to keep using moisturiser on the area and that might help although she couldn’t explain why. Has anyone else experienced the same thing and found anything that helps?

Kind regards Heather

Wish I could tell you different but rads and implants just don’t seem to mix. If they knew you were going to have rads I am surprised they did your reconstruction first.

I had rads for the first time many years ago and I was offered an implant to fill out a hollow some time later. I had so much trouble
with it, went really hard and I was told it was due to my damaged skin because of the rads. Nothing I did improved it, like you was more uncomfortable than painful. Since then I have had a recurrence and had mx with LD reconstruction so all damaged skin and implant was removed.

It must be very disappointing for you having gone through a reconstruction which is quite a big deal, maybe the implants could be changed if there is no improvement.

Best of luck.


Hi there…

No disrespect to your BC nurse…but hard swollen implants need to come out.Phone up your consultants sec and get appointment asap.Forget the moisturising…u need antibiotics or like I say implant need to come out.Oh and tell his sec its an emergency appointment u want.Why live with pain and discomfort???
Hope u get sorted out soon


My consultant wouldn’t do a recon straight away because of this happening during radiotherapy. I had a ld recon last week and it took an hour longer in surgery because the tissue expander I had in after my mx was so encapsulated it was a bit stuck. They can just replace the implant though so don’t worry. It’s just your body’s way of protecting itself against a foreign body and in general the body accepts a second implant better. I wouldn’t worry about it being urgent but def worth contacting your consultant about.

Best of luck with it.
Em x

Thanks for the advice. It’s hard to know whats normal sometimes and get the balance between making a fuss and putting up with things.

Kind regards

Heather x


I have had the same problem had immed recon using implant and tisue expansion, because of the radiotherapy the implant as gone hard, although even before that it was never really much different, having it removed next week and a silicone one put in to replace it, i have known since july that it needed to come out.

ann x