hard lumps in LD reconstruction

Hi everyone

I had a mascectomy and LD flap reconstuction 7 weeks ago and I’ve noticed the tissue in the reconstructed breast is very hard and lumpy - and there’s a particularly hard bit which seems to protrude at the very spot where I had the original cancer lump. I guess this could be because the new breast is made of muscle which is harder than breast tissue?

I’ve also got a red ridge under the reconstructed breast which looks quite sore.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Any tips as to how to treat the sore area? Will the lumpiness go as the muscle in the breast turns to fat?


Hi, had radical mx and ld flap mid feb, only now is the recon starting to feel softer, it felt very hard to start with as well, I had a revision on the scar already, it really takes a while to settle down, if you are worried though maybe you can arrange to see your surgeon to check it out!

Hi, I had my mx and ld flap done march 19th. I have just started to notice that part of it is softer although the very edge, near my armpit is still very hard and by the end of the day its uncomfortably hard. Im guessing its where the muscle is still working as a muscle? Like you, i had “patches” of lumpiness but they literally started disappearing over night. My bcn said it was fluid that had built up and that your body naturally absorbs it but it all takes time! (a word im sick of hearing!)… it will get better!!!


I had a LD flap reconstruction and mx done on 1st of march. One side of the reconstruction has a furrowed feel but the surgeon said this is the edge of the implant and will always be like this because there wasn’t enough muscle/fat to stretch over this area. Also by my armpit near where I had a lump there is another bumpy area which again I’ve been reassured that it is the edge of the implant.
Hope this reassures you.

I’d be interested to hear from other LD recons with Mx, as I am going in for mine on the 23 of June. No implants, just muscle and lucious portions of my fat.

I was told by the ps that I would be back to ‘normal’ in 3 months. I have been off work since April 1, due to two previous BC ops and hoped I’d be able to be back at the job by the end of September. Right side breast and right handed secondary school teacher. What do you ladies think my chances are to meet that goal?


hi yankee girl. I had mx and ld flap with no implant (not my choice, it all went wrong!) on march 19th. If i had a job that wasnt physically demanding then i would be ready to go back now but im in the police force so have been signed off till july 15th. I know we all heal differently but hopefully this will give you and indication.

good luck with the surgery.


Hi yankeegirl,

I had a delayed LD flap at the end of February. I have a part time desk job, and I went back to work six weeks after the op. It is on my right side & I am right handed. I found it a bit tiring going back to work, but that soon passed and I have been feeling fully fit & well for weeks now. I was running (slowly) after five weeks, and swimming after seven weeks. I am a church bellringer, and went back to that after 12 weeks (it was my son’s 18th and I was keen to ring for it!) Hope this helps.

Yes, thank you both for your comments. I spoke with BCN yesterday, and she said - although PS said three months until back to normal - it is more like 9 months before breast will feel soft and soreness will depart. She also spoke of phantom pain as well as the muscle responding to flexing, even though it is now in the breast. So, if you make a rowing motion, your breast flexes. Now that could be quite amusing!


Hi Yankee! I call it my party trick, the reconstructed breast moves and twitches ie when reaching up or stretch out! Or when I do the hoovering! It is supposedly going to stop with time…

I know exactly how you feel bout your party trick! ive just started at the gym to get the strength back in my back but ever time i do an exercise my boob moves and twitches and i feel the need to hold it - im sure people are staring!!! lol
Tina, i see that your a month ahead of me with the surgery, is yours still quite hard on the outer edge? the rest is starting to feel like a breast but i can still feel the muscle on the edge.


Hi deed, getting softer with time, the top bit is much softer than than the bottom bit, I hope that with time
the whole recon will soften and the twitching will go.