Hard marble-like lump

Hi, a few weeks ago I noticed a hard marble-like lump on one of my breasts, it’s not painful or causing any discomfort. I went to my local gp and was told to come back in four weeks as it could be hormonal and it may disappear, if not they’ll refer me to a clinic… that was two weeks ago and it’s still there - naturally this is causing me worry, I’m younger than 25 and my grandmother is currently undergoing treatment for lung and pancreatic cancer. Do you think it’s anything to be concerned about? I felt abit foolish going into my gp for them to tell me to come back in four weeks.

If it’s really bothering you go back to GP and talk it through with him/her they may refer you sooner.They have guidance re referrals to breast clinic and obviously do not feel the lump is concerning due to your age and how the lump presents.There are many other explanations for breast lumps ,most are not cancer but you need to get it checked out to put your mind at rest.Dont feel foolish for going back if it’s worrying you .Let us know how you get on.