Hardness of new breast

Hello Everyone or anyone out there!

If any one reads this message. Can you tell me your experiences of having hardness in your reconstructive breast. I had a mastectomy in December 2011 but still have some hardness. I massage and rub vit E oil and honey cream etc but still hard. On my last visit to the hospital the surgeon mentioned he could do a little liposuction. Has anyone had lipo. done? Also the doig ears, my left side overlaps a bit and he said can be done. Oh well, sounds as though I’ll be put to sleep again! I don’t mind I want these things done, it’s just never ending…

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What type of reconstruction did you have?

Dear Hamlet I had a mastectomy with reconstrucion (LD flap) and my breast felt hard for a while but now it feels much softer and more comfortable but my operation was 23 years ago! I had a dog ear flap too after the first op but had another op a year or so after to sort that out. Both ops went well and I am stil happy with the result. Hope this helps. Ask any other questions and PM me if you prefer. Val

Hello Scottishlass & Amys Mum
I had a diep flap - abdominal reconstruction in one operation. My right breast is still numb and hard towards the inner chest area and under the reconstructed breast. Just had the letter in the post today for my operation. A pre op on the 12 Oct and actual operation on 25 October, so not long now. Another tense time. I was just getting used to my body all the aches, back aches, leg aches tiredness out of breath. Some days I’m better than other days, I walk quite normally at a good speed but other days my legs and back ache like hell!! I’m a bit nervous inside as I’ve got to stay in hospital again, all those memories from last December 2011 when I had the mastectomy are coming back now! Oh well I have to be brave, it’s something I want done and made better. The hardness of breast and doig ear flap on left side, not so worried about tatoo nipple, only my husband would see it anyway. To other people, I look normal but no where do I feel normal. Although, I’m doing volunteering and a little job showing students where their workplacements are to keep me busy. I’m brushing up my CV, all ready to get back out there and get a paid job again, I NEED MONEY! GOT NO BENEFITS! HAD ATOS MEDICAL.
I’d be grateful for any replies from anyone about their experiences. Still can’t get to grips with this new website though, I was always on it last year!

Hi there,
If you search for nipple and stage 2 on the site, you’ll find other posts I’ve done since having my touch ups on 10 August. I had to wait five months after the op was agreed and in that time I got a bit scared.

However, it all went really smoothly and was no trouble at all. I had a GA but in the end didn’t have t stay in overnight though they had told me I would. I was up and about less than an hour after the op.

I have got a bit of a hard patch in my recon boob though it doesn’t hurt…the PS said it may still dissolve but if not she could do something with it. I had lipo out of the outside of my boob because it’s a bit big there…it still is so maybe more needs to come out. Really vivid bruising came out after a couple of days but wasn’t painful…I took arnica pills and rubbed in arnica cream though.

I had a nipple made at the same time, really pleased with it, it looks so much better…again, no pain, no trouble.

Dog ears on both hips were trimmed off and I had lipo from both sides…had a bit if bruising on one thigh afterwards, but not painful. There will be swelling all around the areas that are treated but with tight fitting underwear and massage it all goes down over about three weeks. My tummy scar was a bit revised so it’s better than it was before and healed completely.

Don’t be scared, it’s really worth it, and you’ll soon be back to normal.
I’m happy to send you photos if you’d like? PM me with your email address.