Harrogate BCC


I’m at Harrogate next week with my unwanted visitor!


So I’ve been before with a cyst that was drained but this time its large lumpy lump!!


I assume I have the mamogram/US, the either a small needle and/or the core biopsy.


Does anyone know if at Harrogate I will get the results that day, or 1 or 2 weeks later?

Also will I have the unwanted visitor removed that day if it isn’t drainable?




I didn’t have my treatment at Harrogate but as far as I’m aware, 1 - 2 weeks is the normal wait for any biopsy results. I was told on the day that they were pretty certain that it was cancer but had to return to get the results of biopsies and initial staging and grading.

I was one if the unlucky ones… most lumps referred to the Breast Clinic do turn out to be benign. Keeping everything crossed that this will turn out to be the case. x