Has anybody had MVcarboplatin?

Has anybody had MVcarboplatin?

Has anybody had MVcarboplatin? Hi I was wondering if anybody had MVcarboplatin. This is my 4th chemo from the limited drugs cabinet!!!

Unfortuantely my lung mets are progressing quite fast and my onc wants me to start on it straight away.

I would be grateful for some feedback

take care

I’ve not been on carboplatin - but its one of the chemos my onc went throug in terms of options down the track…

What have you had so far?

I am a member of a US mets support group and a more fiesty and knowledgeable bunch of women you won’t meet. I always write down chemos or chemo combos that have worked for them - just in case my onc tells me there is nothing more he can do.

I’m happy to pass on what i have collated to you - as I hate to hear that people are running out of options. Or come join us - www.bcmets.org - there are a couple of us from this list who are on that site as well.


i’ve had it…carboplatin Hi,
I finished a course of carboplatin in November. I had 6 cycles, and it was really effective for my liver…shrunk the tunours so there was nothing visible on the scan, after 3 lots of chemo. I had problems with red and white blood count, needed blood transfusions several times (eventually hospital got me a grant which allowed me to have injections instead of blood transfusion…that was great…highly recommended if you hate transfusions…I do!). I was given it as part of a trial for younger people who often have the breast cancer gene (I have BRCA2)…but they had to take me off the trial after the 1st session because they had to delay the chemo and lower the dose because of my bloods…but kept me on the carboplatin.

My only complaint really is that my cancer has come back pretty quickly…3 months. But we are all different, respond to different things, have different reactions.

I didn’t lose any hair. Didn’t feel too sick. Was able to function. I just got very tired from the anaemia…so ate lots of greens all the time!

Hope that is of some use. Good luck with the chemo…it did work wonders on my cancer…shrank it out of all sight for a while.

Ive had MVcarboplatin… Hi ribleybn3,
Ive just finished that exact chemo 2 weeks ago from 6 sessions. This is my 3rd chemo. I too like Jocasta had it as it was used in a trial for BRAC patients as it was responding quite well, I wasnt on the trial but they thought to use it anyway. So far so good and my cancer markers have reduced considerably. My side effects were that the Vinblastin was quite harsh on my stomach and I had terrible stomach pains for a few days after but I have a sensitive stomach anyway, I didnt loose my hair either but I too had to have some blood transfusions and had anemia.

I believe this to be a succesful chemo though and recovery from each one was fairly quick, just tired alot. However during this chemo I managed to still work part time so life can continue to some extent. Now that its over I feel fairly positive and hope to be in remission for as long as possible.

Good luck with it and let us know how u go or if you have any other questions.
Lara xx

Thanks Lara,

Did you have treatment at the Marsden in Sutton as you look a bit familiar. What treatment if any are you on now?

Take care

Hi Ripleybn3,

Actually I had treatment at the Marsden in London, do you ever go there?
Ive just finished this chemo so in for checks this Monday and then I guess Im on nothing (except bisphosphonates for my bones) until I need another dose of something!! Hopefully not for a while yet!

Lara xx

Hi Lara I’m at the Marsden in fulham, I usually have a weds appointment and will be going either this weds or next. You can leave your mail addy with the chemo nurses, they know me very well and I can pass your details onto Riplybn3.

Love Amber xxxxxxxxx

thanks Hi Amber,
Thanks for offering to do that. I have just been last Monday and wont be in again for about a month now. But when I next go in I could leave my details then. I would probably leave it at the medical day unit with the kiwi girl (forgot her name!) behind the reception.

Otherwise I check in here as often as I can and go on to live chat when I can on Tuesdays too .

love Lara xx

Ok Lara I think your talking about Catherine! I think I spoke to you on chat a few weeks ago.
Hope your keepng OK?

Love Amber x