Has anyone approached onc about the use of bi phosphates reported in the news today

Results of trial today I am 2 years post treatment and would be interested in going on bio phosphates do you know if they can be prescribed privately if not available on nhs. Has anyone spoke to their onc any info greatly received interested in the discussion Pam

Just seen the news and it sounds like this medication is only prescribed for secondary bone cancer this young girl was being interviewed and she said it had kept her bone cancer at bay for 7 years but obviously this has hit the news big time as primary cancer post menopausal ladies on inhibitors could benefit also as inhibitors promote bone loss.   Judi

I have just been prescribed these after a DEXA scan and having osteoperosis but before today’s news I had decided not to thake them. Everything I have read on them seems to be negative. Saying makes bones more brittle rather than strong… stops own bodies natural repair and lots lots more that really put me off. Then you see the news! I did not need chemo they said as there was no lymph node involvement. does that mean it wont spread? I am lost with all the information/results. I don’t know whether to take it! think I need to speak to my nurse again, she will be sick of me! :slight_smile: x