has anyone else got a sunken nipple?

I went to the doctors on Wednesday because my left nipple is sunken in. It’s not inverted as it still sticks up (on a slant though) but the whole nipple sinks in. When I lift my arm up it sinks in completely!

I honestly thought the doc would look and tell me to stop being daft…nope he’s sent me to hospital on a urgent referral (appointment is 10th june)

I have shared my news with a very small handful of people, they have said they found a lump in the past but it was clear, I can’t find anyone who has had the same symptoms as me. It would be great to share with someone who has had similar symptoms.

I’m worried sick, hopefully it’s all a false alarm :0/

I had a slightly sunken nipple which the doc said was nothing to be concerned about. Later a routine mammogram detected a very tiny lump which has been removed and I’m now clear. I know it’s worrying but it’s good to make sure and if it is something to be concerned about you will have caught it before it gets out of hand. As everyone on here knows - waiting is the worse part of the whole process. 


It’s no good saying not to worry as of course you’re going to worry but you would have still worried even if you hadn’t shown it to the doctor. This whole cancer thing doesn’t have to be traumatic - mine wasn’t and I hope you are even more fortunate than me.