Has anyone else had 4 ops on the same breast?

Hi there

New to this site but hoping it will help me as I lose the will to face the fourth op. I was told June that I had two lumps in left breast. They hoped to sort it with lumpectomy, then said they needed to do a second op to remove more tiisue just as a precaution, then said they needed to do 3rd op to remove more and now they say they have found precancerous cells and need to do a mastectomy. Has anyone else been through something like this? I was perky the first few months but now worn out by it all!

Hi PG ,welcome to the forum .You are certainly not the only one to go through surgery multiple times ,I speak to a number of ladies who have had 3 surgeries .If if gets rid of the bugger it has to be done ,not surprised you feel fed up though ,having 4 surgeries is hard.Jill.


I have had 4 ops since July - lumpectomy, mastectomy & LD, drain reinsertions due to an infected seroma & finally removal of an infected implant last week.

I feel like I haven’t made any progress either! :frowning: