Good Afternoon Ladies,


Very Interested, to find out, if any of you have experienced a diagnosis of either RESIDUAL or RECURRENT disease following a mastectomy, please? (particularly within a year of first op)

if that is you, too, I’d really like to hear from you (by PM if you prefer) and where you had your surgery,  if you are happy to share please?


My ‘story’ follows - I am 44, mum of 3 kiddies - I found more, similar evidence of disease, just 8 months out from my mastectomy and breast reconstruction and am going through further treatments, with another hospital, just now - (v thankfully still with a good prognosis). But whilst I thought I was a ‘rare breed’ (don’t we all want to be that? - just not in this context tho!) to be back so soon, after mastectomy… Whilst booking another element of my treatment, I have been approached by another lady, to say that her friend has had a very similar issue, at the same hospital - and is also back in treatment.


Unexpected outcomes do happen, but they can’t just happen and not be improved upon quickly and openly, I firmly believe that. This site is a great, reasurring resource for sharing and support and generally looking out for each other; during what can be a very isolating, frustrating experience. There are alot of us and that helps to change things.


Thanks for reading my post… X Please get in touch when and if you can.



Thank you to everyone who has PM’d me already huge help X


I would be really interested how your recurrence presented itself?  I had a mx in Feb last year and this is something they gloss over!

Hi N9, I think I understand you but put me right if not. I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction four weeks ago. I found a lump in my other breast yesterday two months after my last mammogram. I tried to seek advice from breast care nurse who as usual hasn’t replied to my message. I’m due to start chemo at the end of the month but I dont know if this changes things. Also I dont know if this means my prognosis is now worse. I know doctors say tumours don’t grow that quick but my mammogram in Oct was clear then I found a lump in Jan. DEB XX

Hi Deb. Flipping heck. It’s rubbish that they don’t get back to you. I hope it turns out to be nothing. But I can understand you must be really worried xxx