Has anyone else struggled to eat normally after surgery?



I had a risk reducing mastectomy & immediate reconstruction less than a week ago, and I’m back home and doing pretty well, horrible drains aside!


My tastebuds have totally changed though. Normally I love stuff like  fruit, veg, fish, eggs, nuts, yet since the op I’ve felt ever so slighly queasy and can only face eating stuff I don’t normally really even have, like white bread & pasta. There’s all this stuff online about how eating fruit & veg helps you heal from surgery, but at the moment I cannot even look at a vegetable!


Just wondering if anyone else had experienced something similar? And if so, when you went back to normal?


Bel x

Hi bel

Initially even when in hospital I struggled to eat and would often eat only a mouthful of whatever I had selected - in fact to begin with I think I only ate yoghurt, porridge or ice cream - but then I did have issues with nausea and vomiting after my operation which took a while to sort with anti-emetics.

It won’t hurt you to eat white bread and pasta for a little while - time enough for your normal diet to reinstate itself when you are good and ready.





Thanks, swampy. Sorry you had it too, but glad to hear I’m not alone. Actually I think the antibiotics I have to take while the drains are in are at least part of the cause. I’m even off chocolate! But I will embrace white toast and butter while I can!