Has anyone found 'healthy cosmetics and creams?

Has anyone found any cosmetics and creams, moisturisers, hair products, etc which do not contain unsafe chemicals or phyto-oestrogens? They all seem to contain one or the other, or both.


Hi Ann

I’m not sure what you’d classify as a phyto-oestrogen in a cream/make up. I’ve opted to go the no chemical route and had done shortly before BC due to allergies to nearly all regular make up.

For creams:
I ring and do a telephone order or get from the shop below.

Cosmetics: I like Nvey, Logona, Dr Haushka, Sante, Lilylolo

I get most of my creams and cosmetics via a shop in Tunbridge Wells:
You can order over the internet or send in a postal order, put your phone number and they’ll ring you to do the payment by debit/credit card or by cheque. The woman who runs the shop is lovely, I’ve met her once and she’s very helpful if you want to talk to her about anything over the phone. I’ve always had a quick, carefully packed delivery.

Hair products and soap etc: always use Faith in Nature.
I can get these from a couple of local health food shops. When it was more difficult I asked them to buy in bulk for me (at a discount price).

Be interested to know about the phyto-oestrogens and what ingredients contain those.

Incidentally I also mainly use Ecover cleaning products to avoid a lot of chemical nasties.

Hope that may be of help.

Thanks, Elinda. I suppose I was thinking that some of the natural ingredients from plants, such as shea butter, may contain phyto-oestrogens, but I have no idea. It seems to me that if they do, this is no different from parabens, from an oestrogen point of view. I know I am getting paranoid but that is the nature of bc, isn’t it?

Ann x


I too am a bit like you am so careful what i put on my skin. all my make up is paraben free or organic, also all my skin care is too. some of the supermarkets do a organic range, mine is waitrose, they do moisturiser, bath soak and body lotions, they are more expensive, but i think anything to try and stop bc from returning.


ps, debenhams now have a good range too and also sell bare mineral make up which has no preservatives or parabens and you can try it before buying

Hi Ann

I see what you mean now. It does make you a bit paranoid all this doesn’t it. How to keep perspective and keep ourselves safer? The thing is a lot of plant based foods that you are likely to eat also contain phyto oestrogens in varying amounts such as oats, rice, nuts, legumes, carrots, apples, cabbage and lots more. so I don’t think we can completely avoid them. In fact many of these foods have other known health benefits and even with things very high in phyto oestrogens such as soy the jury is out as to whether that is a problem. Personally I wouldn’t use supplements that are a phyto oestrogen.

I am more concerned with synthetic produced xeno-oestrogens. I want to avoid things like parabens and phthalates (sometimes labelled parfum), petro chemicals etc. This article may be of interest:
There is probably better and more up to date research out there somewhere.

I also have this checklist that may be of interest as it tells you in more details the type of problems with the different ingredients:

I have been very interested in this for a while as there is a school of thought that links endometriosis to these. I suffered with severe endometriosis for most of my adult life and just as I got that sorted with major surgery developed breast cancer.

Can we avoid all phyto oestrogenic products as well as xeno oestrogenic - probably not.

As a moisturiser I also like to use organic coconut oil (stored in a glass jar not plastic). I get that either from a health food shop or Waitrose and use Biona.

Hope I didn’t go into overdrive about all this!
Be interested to know what you think or decide on this.
take care Elinda

I love Liz Earle (cheaper to buy on QVC) all natural ingredients, the cleanse and polish( all in one cleanser, removes all make up/ eye make up)is so gentle, likewise the super moisturiser has really helped rehydrate my skin which has become very dry from chemo.

Jenny x

I like Liz Earl as well, especially the cleanse and polish, I tried her shampoo and the conditioner for dry damaged hair, the shampoo is fine but not so keen on the conditioner.

If you order from her rather than QVC you usually get an extra product, sometimes just trial size. I have found the p&p cheaper as well, plus it comes much quicker.



Have you looked at Chemo chic blog. The women who writes it is very much into natural products and does a lot of research into healthy eating and natural cosmetics. Her ideas are not for everyone and you might have to search a little but she is very dedicated to searching things out. Debx

thanks Jan, I shal deffo look at getting Liz Earle direct xx

The shop at canceractive.com sells a few different ranges of organic/toxin free skin/body/hair products. :slight_smile:

Hi all

Haven’t bought beauty products from cancer active site just some of the books by Chris Woolams who set it up. Think he is a star! It’s worth reading this site to see what they say about oestrogen and chemicals etc - fascinating although yes you do start to get a bit paranoid! You might also want to try Neals Yard or Real Foods who are based here in Edinburgh and sell food, beauty & cleaning products and supplements but they do deliver UK wide and have a great stock. They stock Lavera products which are great (aloe vera cleanser is lovely) and also Faith in Nature. Amazing how many ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ beauty prudcts still contain SLS and other nasties. Seem to spend half my life reading the back of packets and bottles now!


Thanks for the suggestions. Any more welcome.

Elinda - As you know, the debate about phyto-oestrogens has been well thrashed out in the diet threads. Although I am finding this whole diet thing an absolute nightmare, I don’t wish to go down that road again on here. I have come to the conclusion that there is no simple answer.

Ann x

Hi Jan, just ordered stuff from Liz Earle direct, so much cheaper and a bonus gift, thanks a million xx

I agree Ann. The way I look at it is that I want to reduce chemical load in my body. If I occasionally use soap or shampoo with nasties in I’m not going to get paranoid about it. If at home I can reduce then all the better.

DGW are so right that even some of the so-called natural products do contain nasties. Some of Liz Earle’s products do contain parabens so if worth double checking if you want to avoid completely.

Hi All,
Its a bit of a nightmare trying to find body products and cosmetics that are chemical/nasty free, even some of the so called pure/organic products are not always what they seem a good website where you can find out whats in your products is below.

Skin Deep is The world’s largest database of chemicals in cosmetics to assess the toxicity of your favorite products and also where you can find safer alternatives.

Its a bit of an eye opener though ,i was realy quite shocked when i first came accross this site a couple of yrs ago , i dont think we will ever be able to eliminate all the nasties from our products , but eliminateing as much as possible and finding safer alternatives hopefully will help .

Linda x

I may be wrong but I don’t use products because of whats in them or not, I really can’t be bothered checking everything. I use Liz Earle because I like her stuff.

My first bc was in 1985 and although I’ve had 3 recurrences over the past 5 years feel I have done well. I took Fermara for 12 months and that did’nt work for me so I’m not going to make life anymore complication than it is already.

We all have to do what we are comfortable with.


Thanks Linda…liking those links :slight_smile:

Green People do all organic, paraben free cosmetics, suncream etc.

Dear Ann I found REN cosmetics fab, luscious though expensive, but no petrochemicals, parabens or other nasties in them.It’s a relief not to have the scan the small print - so many so-called organic and natural products are full of undesirable and unnecessary additives.