Has anyone had a lump not seen on ultrasound or MRI turn out to be BC

Hi I was diagnosed in June 2017 with stage 3b idc her2+ er+ with a 4.4mm tumor in the left breast at the same time I found a lump the size of my little fingertip on the right however nothing showed up for that and I was told it was probably fatty tissue. I had herceptin and chemo and had a complete pathological response no sign of any cells left or in the lymph but the little lump on the right had doubled in size, it was scanned again in January and still nothing showed up so I was told again it was nothing but since January it has grown again and is now the size of my thumb, it dosnt moved and is as hard as stone. I’m worried sick. Has anyone had a tumor that didn’t show up on ultrasound and has anyone ever had two lumps where only one responded to chemo? Thank you for any replys. Xx

Hello Marshcat, welcome to the forum.Have you told clinic that the lump is continuing to grow ? You should maybe push for further tests as they cannot give you an explanation that re-assures you .Jill x

Hi Jill1998 Thank you so much for replying :slight_smile: Yes I told the clinic and at first they tried to get me in the the same say but after discovering I was on herceptin they decided to bring my oncologist appointment forward instead. Anyway I had to wait a few weeks but I have finally seen him, he said he actually dosnt know what it is but wanted to refer me back to the surgeon, however after speaking to the surgeons receptionist he discovered I’d have to go back to the beginning as a new referral because its a new lump(even though it actually isn’t new) so lots of anxious waiting around but I am finally booked in on Tuesday. I keep telling myself they see it all the time so must know its nothing to worry about when nothing shows on the imaging but I just can’t help this knot of fear in my stomach, I’ve decided if it turns out to be nothing I’m going to ask for a Councillor referral as Im really struggling to focus on being cancer free, I feel I should be over the moon and living life to the full where in fact I feel I still have it and can’t help feeling frightened that somethings been missed. I will let you, (and anybody who reads this) how I get on on Tuesday. X

Not really surprising you are struggling to move on when you have a lump they can’t explain is it ? We all find the time after finishing treatment difficult, it’s when you finally have time to process what has happened to you .Counselling sounds like a good idea - local cancer charities usually offer this a lot more quickly than going through GP .Let us know how you get on on Tuesday .