Has anyone had rads on their femurs?

Had an mri recently and it has showed that the disease is in my femurs.
Started rads on Tuesday.
I cannot believe how this session has affected me!!! The other 2 sessions have come and gone with no problems at all.
I have had the most horrendous headaches on days one and two - but think that I sorted that with drinking plenty.
I have been sick at least once a day - but they say that it shouldnt be making me like that.
And, I have been soooooooooooooooo tired - just no energy whatsoever. They explained this by the femurs being the biggest bones in your body and bieng attacked, hence taking it out on your bloods etc

Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this

Anne xx

Hi Anne,

Haven’t had rads on femurs but recently on hip and lower spine. For some the pain can be short in duration. The first time I had rads to the other hip and top of spine 6 yrs ago and had relatively few problems with it. But this last time was dreadful. I too was vomitting and told this was not normal. Nausea went on for some time and hard to know if it was the rads or the morphine but it was a problem. How many sessions are you having? A friend from the other site was having rads to her femur much the same time as I was and for both of us pain was an ongoing problem for quite a long time. Tiredness to was and still is an ongoing problem. I just dont think they really tell you all the implications and how it can affect you - but what choice do we have?


Hi Anne

I’ve had rads on femur/hip and lower spine. Femur/hip was 10 sessions so I guess relatively mild doses each time. I experienced a little increase in pain but no vomiting or headache and wasn’t noticeably more tired. Different story with the lower spine. This was a single dose and the pain was incredible, immediately after the rads and for a few days afterwards. And I was sick as well, though only once.

I guess we all react differently to these treatments which is why they can’t prepare you for all possible side effects.

Hope any remaining sessions aren’t too awful.


Thanks for your help ladies it helps to know you are not on your own.

I have just had my 5th zap today and thats it for the time being. Feel like I have practically slept the entire weekend!!

Well, off for BishBosh tomorrow - as well as meeting to discuss chemo - which I cant say that I’m looking forward to!!!

Thank you again xx