Has anyone had repeat lumpectomies?

Diagnosed with DCIS just 2 weeks after being given the all clear for LCIS on the other side after 3 WLE in 2003 and 5 years tamoxifen.

This time it’s DCIS with a small invasion , 2mm, no node activity, grade 3 HER2+.
Have had 4 WLE, and was told last week that they’ve found more DCIS and will require more surgery. Have decided to have one more blast at WLE and if that doesn’t work then I’ll opt for a mastectomy.

Has anyone else had repeated WLE - my consultant said his record was 7 for one episode!

I only had 2 WLE before my Consultant started talking Mastectomy. One in 2006 for LCIS and one in February of this year for DCIS. I opted to have bilateral with immediate reconstruction when they found ALH in the opposite breast. Histology following Mastectomies showed extensive LCIS throughout both breasts so I was right to make the decision I did. I know that for me more WLEs wouldn’t have worked as my breast was already looking very misshapen. I was only a B cup anyway.

Hi Shelagh,

I had grade 2 Invasive with nodes. I had WLE but then 3 further re-exisions due to DCIS found in the margins.
Each time the Consultant said that if he needed to operate again then would recommend a Mastectomy. But then each time he said that he just needed a tiny bit more out and no need for a mastectomy. He later said that if I had had smaller breasts ( I,m a C cup) that I would have needed a Mast. I am left with a pretty big dint and it took a long time to heal but now its ok.
I just hope that I dont regret my decision to have repeated WLE.
The consultant said that his record was 5 on One lady.

Best of luck with your decision.
Lots of love Andrea xx

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for your comments.

I had WLE no.5 last Friday and now have to wait 3 weeks for the results.

I’ve decided that I’ll not have WLE no.6 if more surgery is required; I’ll have a mastectomy but BCN said to consider bilateral as I’d had LCIS there 5 years ago and am therefore at risk. Now, i hadn’t considered that at all so am trying to get my head round that one. As someone said on another thread, the waiting does have its benefits as it gives you ‘thinking time’.

Thanks again for your support.