Has anyone had targetted radiotherapy to Recestion Cavity - Brain

Hi Guys,


Has anyone had either Tomotherapy or Linac.  My girlfriend had a recurrence ot her solitary Brain Met.  It was removed on Sunday.  They have said it’s too large to treat the resection cavity with Gama Knife.  They want to treat it with targeted radiotherapy either tomotherapy or Linac.


Has anyone had this before?

Hi Freakzilla, 

I am sorry to hear you and your girlfriend are going through this difficult time. Hopefully one of our users will be along to offer their support shortly.

In the meantime do give our support line a call at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk to you about different forms of radiotherapy and offer their support.

You could also try posting in our going through treament part of the forum.

Best wishes, 


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