Has anyone had their eggs 'harvested'?

Has anyone had their eggs ‘harvested’?

Has anyone had their eggs ‘harvested’? Hi there,

I am very new to all of this, having only been diagnosed 2 days ago. I am 34 and was planning to start a family in the not too distant future, before the terrible news scuppered my plans!

Anyway, I am having a mastectomy next week and am due to start chemo a couple of weeks later. I spoke to my consultant about my desire to start a family and my fertility concerns. He said I can certainly have my eggs ‘harvested’ (or frozen) prior to commencing chemo and I was wondering if anyone had had this done and, if so, how it was

Any advice would be very much appreciated,

Many thanks,


For princess18 Hi princess

It may be useful for you to read the breast cancer care publication
on fertility. It might help to answer any questions you have.
I have given the link below:-


I hope you find this helpful

Kind regards

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Frozen embroyos Hi there…
I was diagnosed at 27 and after my mastectomy I successfully frozen 6 embroyos. I think it is good to have a back up plan just in case chemo harms your fertility. I do feel alot better knowing I have them and the whole process of ivf was weird, but I felt like I was doing something positve to help myself so it gave me a good feeling. It can be quite uncomfortable but it is all over in a couple of weeks. I even have a picture of my embroyo on my bedroom wall!
Please feel free to ask me any questions.
Katey x

Frozen eggs Hiya

I was dx last year at 26 & after my lumpectomy, had fertility treatment to freeze my eggs (I’m single). Like Katey says its good to know that there is a back up!

Your consultant should be able to refer you immediately to your local NHS fertility clinic for a consultation. If they understand the circumstance most clinics will see you as a priority and then they will be able to explain to you the process and your options.

Good luck with your treatment.

S x

What a relief! Hi Katey,

thanks for getting in touch and easing my mind about getting my eggs frozen. Although I have been told by my consultant that it can be done its still great to hear that it can definately be done, as it was for you.

Will be sure to get in touch nearer the time as I’ve no doubt I’ll have a barrage of questions for you!

Take care and best wishes,