HAS ANYONE HEARD FROM MOUNTIES I was just wondering if anyone had heard from mounties she has not been on for a while I hope she is ok and not feeling to down Lindax

I posted a message to her last week a coujple of days after her chemo but as yet no reply Linda. Hope she ok Love Eileen

Still alive and kicking Hy both still here, thanks for your concern, really appreciate it. Since having part b of cmf last fri not been too bad so been going mad doing garden and going for retail therapy.Only thing is i now have mouth full of ulcers and little white spots which i presume to be thrush. Have been eating strepsils by the box but any other tips would be really grateful for as now finding it so sore to eat or drink much.
Anyway, hope you two are still fighting the good fight, onward and upward and all that crap people come out with!!! Hope you will both be on chat room tonight so we can catch up again. Talk soon, Love Christina xx

thrush and mouth ulcers Had really bad thrush and mouth ulcers, could not eat drink or even talk without pain.I called the duty doctor and he prescribed Nystan. It cleared everything up within a couple of days. Hope this helps.

hi mounties.
also rinse/ gargle with cooled boiled water with added salt.

Live yoghurt is ace! Try and hold it in your mouth for as long as poss. I did this few times through day, lovely and cool and soothing and the yoghurt bugs fight the thrush.

After all food, brush teeth, floss and mouthwash (just shop bought stuff). Before bed do the yoghurt thing last and go to bed with it coating your mouth.

I had horrendous thrush, cold sores and ulcers every cycle until I started this regime and as soon as I started this I had no more, brill.

Good luck