Has anyone heard of this please

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I have recently had 4 core biopsies taken of my left breast which showed that I had grade 2 IDC ER+VE breast cancer.A wide local excission of the area (+ flap reconstruction) was performed. However no cancer was found in the tissue removed. The consultant thinks that all the cancer might have been removed with the biopsies. Have you heard of this happening before? Next step is MRI scan incase it has been missed and is elsewhere in my breast.
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How distressing this must be for you. I have heard of women having WLEs and the surgeon having missed the tumour. I am assuming he didn’t use a wire to guide him. I think their idea that the biopsy got all of it is an iffy assumption to make. Best of luck - I hope you get some concrete answers from the MRI.

Sorry, cannot believe that IDC would be removed by core biopsies; it sounds a bit fanciful to me.

Good that they are doing MRI for you and hope that it will give you peace of mind.


Hi Ann,

Yes I have heard of this but with a different explanation. My sister in law was diagnosed with BC 9yrs ago and underwent a WLE with 5 nodes removed. They said at the initial diagnoses that they were surprised it was cancer due to it’s shape and feel. Anyway when they went back for the post op results they were told the lump was not cancerous and that they think there was a mix up in the lab with the biopsy!!! Needless to say she was relieved but then angry as she had gone through the op. At least they owned up to it and apologised, many people would see this as an opportunity to sue but she was just relieved it wasn’t cancer. It would have been a whole lot worse if it had been the other way round. I’m not saying this is what has happened in your case and maybe you can remove all traces of cancer with a biopsy. It just sounded very familiar.

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Hi Ann,

I think it would be worth asking for a copy of the biopsy results, both of the initial cores that were taken and of the tissue taken at the time of surgery. You would at least then have the truth in black and white. I am sure a BCN would be able to talk you through any technical speak on the report. I think its important for us to be in control ourselves!

Good luck

Hi Ann, I’ll try to see it as if it had happened to me:
I think it’s very unlikely that all the cancerous tissue can be removed by a core biopsy, but you never know.
I think that in the tissue removed with surgery they should at least have found some precancerous cells, or some spot of In Situ Ductal Carcinoma, or something else.
There’only one thing I would do: I would make a formal request for the slides obtained both from the biopsy and from the tissue removed with surgery; I would also ask for the paraffin-embedded samples of tissue of both times,in order to have them examinated by another pathologist, preferably in a bigger or more specialistic hospital.
This might cost some money, so take infos about the cost of a private consultation.
This might confirm or not the diagnosis, and you could take a decision having had a second opinion.
I think you’re relieved, but in your shoes I would know if my case has beeen misdiagnosed.
In my case, a second opinion has saved my life
(After clinical evidence of inflammation, they set me on antiobiotics, then made a core biopsy but missed the lump, and after the negative results they referred me to the surgeon for a lumpectomy, which I refused and went to another oncologist).
All the best, Ele.

Hi Ann
I had a similar experience but with a different outcome. When I was 1st dx with BC a needle aspiration showed possibility of BC. However 2 or 3 core biopsies later they still couldn’t get a good sample, in fact their results showed I didn’t have BC. I then had to have a full biopsy (under general anaesthetic) to make sure they hadn’t missed anything. The sample they took ended up being my WLE as it took all the BC with clear margins - something the surgeon was surprised at as they thought my lump was bigger. However I then had to have another op (under GA) to check my lymph nodes were clear. I’d say that you should get everything checked, including another look at the pathology reports etc (which you are entitled to with no costs involved) to make absolutely sure. You only need one rogue BC cell hanging around to cause further problems - also clear margins around any tumour are needed to give the best possible outcome.