Has anyone opted for double mastectomy

Hello ladies hope you’re all well.
I was diagnosed a week before Christmas 2013 at 35 mum of 5 children. Had lumpectomy followed by chemo. Fished chemo 4 weeks ago. Due to start rads soon. But I am seeing my surgeon on tues as I am thinking of opting for a double mastectomy mainly for peace of mind as worry about recurrence being triple negative. I had no node involvement. Was wondering if anyone has any advice for me?
Thank you in advance xx

Hi hay578

You might find it helpful to give our Helpline a call to talk things over.  They will be able to offer you practical information and emotional support.  They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

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Hi Hay


As you are triple negative and young have you been gene tested?  As part of my treatment plan being triple negative and under 50 I have been gene tested and told by my oncologist that if I carry the BRCA gene I will have a high chance of reoccurrence so will be offered a double mastectomy and my ovaries removed.  If I dont carry it then I dont have any higher risk than anyone else doe after chemo and radiotherapy.  My results are due when my chemo ends as they wont proceed with rads if I carry the gene and opt for the mastectomy.


Might be worth asking if this is an option.


Good luck xx

Thank you Roxie65. I have been referred for genetic testing but haven’t heard anything back yet. Will chase it tomorrow I think. Thank you for replying xx

Thank you I will ring them tomoz and tell them. Have they said how long your results will take? Good luck with yours xx


I was diagnosed in 2014 at 42 and treated for TNBC, stage 1 at 20mm / grade 3, no node impacted.  Had lumpectomy with chemo + radio with booster.  Got tested for genetic mutation right away (thumbs up to NHS for being super efficient) and I have a BRCA-2 mutation. Had my ovaries removed 5 weeks ago as prevention from ovarian cancer — and as a side benefit it also reduces by half the risk of hormone induced breast cancer (for which, being a BRCA-2 carrier, I am at high risk of developing). 

I was not offered double mastectomy by my surgeon because lumpectomy was just sufficient in his view (he clearly stated he would do a DM if i wanted to of course).  I didnt want a DM anyway so there was no argument.  Too traumatic for me and while it certainly reduces risks, it  is not 100% proof (they simply cannot remove all the cells in your breast to guarantee that).  But that was my own decision based on my assessment of the situation.  For my case, I think chemo and radio were the best to kill any possible persistent cancerous cells.

Frankly, no matter which decision you make, be confident you are taking the best one for you and go with it.

Take care. L.




Hi sorry this post comes ages after your question haven’t been on forum for several months . When saw your post felt had to reply even months after your original post "has anyone opted for double mastectomy?"I did and definitely for me feel I made the right choice . Diagnosed June 2012 triple negative aged 48 had lumpectomy , 6 x FEC and 4 weeks radiotherapy . Opted for gene testing don’t know any family history as adopted . Came back negative for BRCA 1 and 2 which was good news as have 3 daughters now 24,23 and 19. But just couldn’t move on , spoke to breast consultants about bilateral mastectomies and to my surprise were open to idea . Sent me to see psychologist who supported my choice went on to have bilateral mastectomies with tissue expanders April 14 woke up feeling so much better! Had 4 in fills of expanders and then sept 14 th had expanders replaced with silicone implants . Have never regretted my decision although initial operation painfull at times nothing unmanageable and second op easier . I work as a therapy assistance in a rehabalation team so have a physical job which I have no problems doing . After first op did have to push myself to do exercises to regain full range of movement as was painfull at times , but the reduce fear of recurrence has been worth all the discomfort and pain . Yes my breasts do look unnatural undressed and have no nipples but dressed look fine . Pre op was 38D now 36 B/C . Hope this helps . I know not the right decision for everyone but for some like me definitely helps . Good luck in whatever you decide .