has anyone switched there beauty creams to paraben free ones


I was just curious to know has anyone changed their beauty creams to paraben free ones. My skin is very dry has any one any suggestions

I suffer dry skin at the best of times but during and after rads my face was really bad. I went to Boots and asked advice - was not wanting to spend a fortune on a beauty cream and find it was no better than what I was using.

I was advised to use a product called DoubleBase - you also get diprobase but they were sold out of it. It’s great - sort of half ways between a cream and a lotion so not too heavy and not at all greasy.

I use hand and body moisturising creams from The Green People. I think all their range is paraben free. I am also looking for a good face cream because my facial skin is quite sensitive. I have used Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturising Cream for years even though it contains parabens because it suits my skin. I also use Nivea Creme in the blue tubs. From my rather limited research I think it is the only item in the Nivea range which is paraben free. Hope this helps. X

Green People are good and so are Pure Lakes but I do their website so am Biased. Pure Lakes do however do a lovely aloe vera based insect repellent that’s free of parabens etc. They don’t use SLS either.

I actually use plain Aloe Vera as a moisturiser which suits my combo skin well (I’m 33 and torn between greasy teenage and dried out from chemo skin).

Sometimes simple is best I think.

I have been using Organic Pharmacy for a while now and they are really good

I believe Caudalie products are paraben free, they do a large range and are lovely, but not cheap.


Tesco have a fabulous range of body butter, eye make up remover, night cream, face wash called Be Natural. It is mostly organic and paraben and mineral oil free. They are really sensibly priced and they seem to be bringing out all sorts of new produces.

I have been using Liz Earle products for a while, lovely stuff & not too many nasties… they also do excellent suncare. My local organic shop stocks a range called Faith in Nature & thieir shampoo & conditioners are very good & have no parabens.
Thing is where do you stop with all this, some days I feel like i should be avoiding everything! What about my mouthwash? toothepaste? nail varnish…!!!

Hi all,
I have started using products from “bush essentials” - they are 100% organic , use only essential oils. smell great. and they work.
I have recently read a book called “The 21st century beauty bible.” and I had my eyes opened to the terrible chemicals and rubbish that companies put in them …even the seemingly “natural” products. and famous /expensive brands- they seem to be the worst.
I pulled out all my make-up/bath & shower products and body lotions etc. I was shocked to find out more than 50% of the stuff has very iffy ingredients contained in them. Also most of the stuff in the “Look good - feel better goody bag” has them in too which I am disappointed about.
I am really not paranoid about them but it seems pointless eating healthy and/or organic fruit & veg etc ,losing weight and taking exercise, cutting down drastically on the booze etc so I have decided to use only the most pure of cosmetics etc. True they are costlier than average supermarket brands and my bathroom cabinets look very bare but, all that said, I want to minimise my chances of a re-occurrance and without sufficient research and evidence that it will or won’t make a dififference I am not going to take the chance.


Just to add another cheaper alternative that I saw in Boots the other day - the ‘Naked’ range of body lotions, shower gels etc is paraben free (plus free of other things I can’t remember!), reasonably priced and smell nice as well.

Nicky x