Has anyone used the cold cap with taxotere & kept their hair?

Hi all,
I was just wondering if anyone has had Taxotere & managed to keep their hair. I had FEC 2yrs ago, used a cold cap & managed to keep a bit of my hair.
I had a really rough time during my FEC & was very sick, does Taxotere have the same side effects? I’m dreading it!!!
Thanks in advance,
Lisa x

Hi Lisa

yes I kept all my hair on taxotere - or lets say enough so it wasnt obvious,

Taxotere is hard bit I actually found it a bit easier than FEC as no sickness really - load up on painkillers towards end of it particularly of you are having neulasta as well

cant write alot as at work!

So good luck

I’ve just had number 4 of 6 and although I wouldsay my hair is definitely thinner it is hanging on. Though my eyelashes have diappeared! I haven’t been sickly,but have been constipated and quite fluey and achy - and yes tired!

I had 4 AC and lost my hair, then had 3 taxotere,but my hair started to grow back after first one.I finished mid March and now have a number 2 cut, so much so that my wig irritates me and I have been without it for the last week.

Good luck to you all


Hi Lisa

I had 3xFEC and 3x TAX. I lost a little bit after each treatment - possibly less so with the Tax, but it was still coming out. I had a very small bald spot, but apart from that the cold cap meant my hair was still there…thin…but hanging on. Now almost 11 months since first FEC and hair just getting back to normal, lots of new sprouty short bits but almost there!

Good luck - it was definitell worth perservering as far as I was concerned.


5x TAX without cold cap and still kept most hair with thinning - it is possible!

good luck!