Has last Taxotere - Am I expecting too much?

Hi everyone

I’m hoping you can help me! I had my last Taxotere on the 11th February and slowly the ‘fog’ is lifting and i’m starting to feel a bit more human. My problem is that i think i expected to bounce back straight away, or i’m not too sure what to expect.

I still have runny eyes, cold symptoms, and aches and pains (which of course I think is something else even though all scans clear!) I’ve had 3 lots of Tax and the third has definately been the worse with the side effects.

How soon did your body recover after Tax? Do the aches stop? I feel as if i’m just existing at the moment and i want some sort of life back ( maybe i’m being very impatient! )

Please help, am i going mad?

Have a wonderful day
Mel x x x

Hi Mel

Please feel free to call our helpline or use our ‘Ask the Nurse’ email service, the number to call is 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm, the ATN service can be accessed via the ‘Support for you’ tab at the top of this page.

Best wishes

Hiya Mel

No, you’re not going mad, and yes, you are being impatient - join the club!

You are only two weeks from your last tax so its still in there, if you were having another you’d still have a week to get over it before going in again, so don’t beat yourself up. My onc said that after three weeks I could start doing “normal” things again, like swimming etc and gradually the aches and pains will decrease.

I was just like you wanting to be human again and I really felt like I had the old Anne back at Christmas if that gives you a guide. I do have aches and pains, but I’m on Femara now that can cause this or maybe its just my age!

Hang in there - summer’s coming, hair’s growing and the only way is up.
Anne x

I am 7 months from last taxotere and still not completely back to normal.I still have peripheral neuropathy,get tired very easily and have some aches and pains.I have been told that this is normal and that tax is so toxic as well as powerful that it can take a long time for all effects to go.Good Luck from horacex

I had 5 of 6 taxoteres, last one cancelled because of side effects. Last one was early May and it took months and months to feel normal again. Now, I feel really fantastic.

Like you, after the last tax, I expected to be feeling great immediately. By that time, I was sleeping/resting about 20 hours a day! The day after my last chemo, I came downstairs, all excited and ready to get on with my new life. Then I slipped down the bottom two stairs and landed hard on the floor. Somebody was making sure I couldn’t do anything too quickly because I was back in bed with a bad back for nearly two weeks!!

But your symptoms will subside and you’ll get back to as near normal as possible - it just takes time, I’m afraid.

Good luck to us all.

Hi Mel

I had my last TAX on 31st January and had a wonderful massage a week later which seemed to give me my energy back. Since then I realise that I am still tired every day and need to be careful how much I do in a day, I have gone back to work inbetween each treatment but it took longer each time to get back. This time I started back on Thursday 14th and still could only manage half a day.

I still have problems with swelling and aching arms but the relief of knowing no more chemo is immense. I now have the mastectomy to look forward to!

All the best

Caroline xx

had my last tax on dec 7th. i am feeling much more energetic and can taste all foods again - wonderful! hair growth for me has been slow though and no progress on eyelashes or eyebrows - v.v. frustrating…

Hi, I had my last of 4 Tax on 21st December 07 and am feeling much, much better - my taste came back quite quickly and I have been eating like it is going out of fashion, after 4 months of not being able to enjoy my food it is heaven!

My finger and toe nails are still fairly awful and I am still getting the ‘tingling’ sensation in my hands and feet. My hair is coming back gradually, but my eyelashes and eyebrows are a bit slow in making an appearance, and I am getting a bit impatient!

The usual aches and pains associated with Tax disappeared fairly quickly, I do still get fairly tired though. I had my mastectomy in January of this year and am getting over that, just trying to stay enthusiastic about the exercises which are really important.

Good luck to you all,

Tracy xxx

No Mel, you’re not going mad! I had my last (of 4) Tax on 1st November and thought I would soon get back to normal, I was so thrilled to have finished! But I found I could hardly climb the stairs at home my legs hurt so much, I was exhausted and felt very run down. My radiotherapy planning was scheduled for 4 weeks after the last chemo, and it nearly killed me travelling to the hospital. I’m afraid the effort of it all made be break down and blub when I got there!

Be patient with yourself, you will gradually regain your strength and start to feel good again. I am now almost back to full working order, with hair, eyebrows and lashes, and I can walk my little dog for longer distances each day and climb stairs with no problem. Unfortunately, like Horace I still have the peripheral neuropathy in my toes, but my onc says it can go on for over 18 months…and that sometimes it never completely goes away (grrrr)! My nails are awful though, the Onc told me I have a horizontal ridge in every one of them representing each cycle of Taxotere, but it will slowly grow out.

Take care, and look after yourself, don’t overdo things, and soon it will all be a distant memory.


Hi all and Mel am having last tax on wed . I am assuming I will have the same symptoms but if theres one thing I’ve learned is not to expect the same each time . I think I’ve gotten off pretty lightly , the side effects are there but manageable.
I did a weeks skiing 17 days after this last tax and felt ok. I have achy thigh muscles but I guess I’d get those anyway.

Th irony is at the hotel lots of kids came down with a virus , my daughter was off colour for a day as was my OH but I was the ony healthy one among them !

I am also getting impatient now , I just want my hair/life back but judging from these posts its going to take a while for the hair. For the ones that have finished did you keep your eyebrows and lashes ?

God had to dry my wig on the radiator this morning , just before the school run . It’ll be going in the tumble dryer next !

Cally x


GOD dried your wig on the radiator??? REALLY??? Wow, what’s he look like??? (hehehehe)

Good luck to us all.

HI Grannyscouse , yes I know its not the recommended method ! but am getting a bit slapdash with it as I near the end of chemo. It does give my husband a fright when its left around drying …Its a bit frizzy underneath now and do you know what dont give a hoot ! I threw it at my OH yesterday (for a laugh) when I get a bit more growth I reckon 'll be throwing it around a bit more :slight_smile:

I guess from your name you are in liverpool . I am going to see my sisters up there in a couple of weeks . I’m the only one whos moved away and have 4 sisters including twin up there. I wasnt going to as of yesterday as I am now baldy overweight with rapidly fading brows and they are all slender and attractive but figured I will , all depends on my mood on the day really !

Cally x

Oh and I guess I should put a few more commas in my text (god didnt really dry my wig but could do with a chat to him)

hi cally
understand fully about the bald overweight issue while having stick thin sisters with lovely hair. My sisters are wonderful and I could’t have survived the last 5 months without their support but when my size 8 sister said yesterday she was on a diet til easter i felt even bigger. I have put on one and a half stone in 5 months. And though I want to be slimmer mainly cos I now have no clothes that fit, with everything else in my life the last thing i want is to not to be able to eat what i want!

take care,
feeling fat and bald, Liz x
p.s also from l’pool

Hi Liz , guess being frpom Lpool you will appreciate how girls really like to dress up on a night out , oh well will make the trip and have a good time.
My twin is claiming she is overweight at just over nine stone . In my dreams I would be nine stone ! she is also a size 8.
I’m hoping to still have brows by the time I go up there , hanging on in there

Cally x

Hi cally
Hope you have a nice time visiting your sisters and hope you still have your eyebrows!

I lost my eyebrows completely when on Taxotere, and used a little kit called BrowZings by the cosmetic company Benefits. It contains wax and powder, and did a pretty good job of simulating brows. It’s a bit pricey at around £22, but I think that Boots have a similar kit for about £7.99.


I’ve been using brown eyeshadows to draw my eyebrows on, it’s from a eyeshadow quad by Clinique - but you can use any brand. I used a pointed eyeshadow applicator to draw the basic shape, then drew in a few ‘hairs’ using a black eyeliner pencil. I have a few eyebrow hairs which I then went over with an old mascara brush to darken them a little. I have got this techniques - which is really easy - down to about a minute, and have had loads of friends remarking on how quickly my eyebrows have returned!!

Best wishes to you all,

Tracy xxx

Hi , just a quick one , for those that have finished tax , I had my last one 7 days ago . Do you think whatever I have got left brow and lash wise will remain ?


Still have no eyebrows after 10 months!!