Hastings Half Marathon

Hi, was wondering if anyone else has entered the Hastings Half Marathon this year? Would you be interested in being a training buddy? I’ve only just started training so I’m a complete beginner.

Hi Kate. I’m actually based in Hastings. I’m not sure where Mitcham is, are you near? I have looked at the local running clubs but they go out at an inconvenient time for me, my husband isn’t back from work in time.

Will definitely NOT be doing the london marathon!!

Hi Wendy,

Its about 1.5 hours away from you!

My husband and I have both signed up for the Hastings 1/2 now- you inspired me! I didn’t sign up before because it has that scarey hill but the pay off is the down hill from there! I need to do a 1/2 marathon before the London marathon anyway so I might see you there. Now I’ve got to do loads of hill training- my favourite- not!

We are running a valentines 10k on Sunday so that will give me an indication of my potential 1/2 marathon time.

How’s your training going?


I only started last week but had to stop over the weekend because I was aching so much!!! Will have another go on the treadmill this afternoon. May venture outside tomorrow, but I find it difficult to get myself motivated which is why I was looking for a training buddy! I’m dreading that hill too!

Good luck with your training, hope you do better than I am!

My husband ran 8 miles with me on Sunday and can’t run at the moment(he has a sore knee)!
I did hill training and speed repititions last night and will run 5- 6 miles tomorrow.
Be careful of of the treadmill training as it can cause injuries. I don’t like running on my own- too body conscious- stupid really as I will be running alone amongst 1000’s of people on marathon day!