Hats and Bandanas!!!!!!

Hats and Bandanas!!!

Hats and Bandanas!!! Just been sorting wardrobe out and have 2 bags of hats and bandanas. I am not a hat person but obviously last year needed them during chemo and no hair.
Shame we cant have a swap shop.
What have others done with them?

The horrid thought crossed my mind ‘keep them incase’ but i WONT even think of that.

Apart from hip pain and hating weight gain through tamox and the flushes i am enjoying life and love this time of year.


GUESS WHAT… I have kept mine '‘incase’!!!
what about taking them into your local cancer research charity shop?

glad your enjoying life ruth…think the sun makes all feel a bit better.

karen xx

Hi there

what about putting a cheap bundle on ebay, thats where i got mine from and was really grateful to get them so cheap, better than letting them sit in a cupboard somewhere.

take care