Have decided to go for a mastectomy with an immediate implant

Still a difficult decision having been diagnosed with DCIS but preventative surgery offered. I know my breast will be/feel lumpy after surgery. How does this affect you emotionally, am thinking it will be quite awful

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Welcome to the BCC Forum.  I’m sure other members will soon be along with some support for you.  In the meantime I’ve attached a link to our booklet on Breast Reconstruction which I thought might be useful:


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DCIS is funny, because on the scale of cancers it is quite minor!  But it dies not feel like that to us that have it.  Each person has reacted differently to their jpurneys.


I have one friend who just gets up each day and gets on with it - she has not fallen apart, although found a lack of nipple hard to look at.


Another found that the worst part and has been desperate to have a tattoo/reconstruction.


I was ok until 2 months after surgery, then i fell apart in costas.  Mine swelled up and stopped me gaining strength - after 2 months it was going down, but getting me down!  


the Breast Cancer nurse prior to my op was really wise - and said the hardest thing to get used to is the fact that afterwards things are different and what you focus on is probably up to each of us!



I only found going there useful afterwards, when i was concerned about post op after effects. Couldn’t take it in or ask before!

I am still wearing the support bra, both at night and during day. Have started to wear my bras for evenings - but can’t feel the underwire so not sure if it is suitable for all day yet.
it does take time to settle, soften and my skin took a while to relax around it too. Helen

I had my op at end of october. My implant side swelled so there was worry about rejection, but all settled now. My surgeon said he could even me up - i was very symmetrical before. But now he feels less surgery is more - not least cos my normal boob swells with hormones once a month anyway. That can be a cup size . I think with time my normal one will drop! Not sure how i feel about looking that odd later, but will cross that bridge then. At present pleased with reconstruction and just glad to not need more anaesthetic - it’s all risky. Helen

That is what my husband and i think. I can wear a nice dress, and can now wear underwired bras for an evening - not longer as feel unsupported and can dig in.
friend who had back recon, also has one pert side and one not - but good in a bra/bikini.

once healed have soothed scar with vitamin e oil and a few drops of lavender oil. Think it is helping to heal scar and smells pleasant.


It varies - i met a lady who once surgery was over, was so delighted with having a boob at all that she never looked back.
i was in tears until week before op. Then all was ok until i swelled up a few weeks later - then i fell apart: anger shock you name it i felt awful. Someone said it is a form of grief, but it took this website and a MacMillan nurse to straighten me out. Better the emotions out though. So just take each day as it comes for you.

Jill, they never really said, but thought it was the shock of surgery to my body - my skin in particular, which is thin. Their concern wa whether it was due to infection and my body fighting the implant - early rejection i suppose. The swelling was a cup size. They drained off a very small amount of liquid - the skin itself was swollen, it was not infected. So i took ibuprofen 2tabs3x per day for a further 6 weeks. After that it only swelled on doing too much - that is how it has remained till quite recently when i realised it had not swollen for 3 weeks. On holiday at present - the 3hr ferry caused swelling or was it lifting a heavy suitcase? Hope that explains a bit.

Interesting, no one said to me about testing my dcis - all i was told after was i had clear margin, none in lymph and so was considered cancer clear. No need for rads or chemo.

I had that, 12 months ago today. I am really pleased. One scar, no other muscles cut, so no weak back, or tummy.
could sit topless on the beach and you wouldn’t know…
feelsfunny if i do too much lifting of heavy stuff

Any questions do ask